Friday, November 30, 2007

dailies and some thoughts

the nightmare of night shifts started right after my exams. The last 2 days of the week consist of helpdesk and night shift combos, which is very tiring. Really. Especially today, i broke the combo into 2 sessions so that i can go Sitex in between. I slept anywhere i could; on the bus and train back home.

lunch was with drew and girls. After the meal i took 72 to Tampines, then transferred to Expo via Tanah Merah. It's somewhat fast; 1 hour of journey from YCK.

the show itself is pretty disappointing. It's more like a LCD TV show since half of hall 5 are Harvey Norman, Audio House, etc. Furthermore 2 speakers were staging bidding wars through their loudspeakers, to gain the consumers' dollar for 32, 37, 42 etc LCD tvs. Compared to buying this, i'd rather bring my parents for a holiday overseas. Yup, indeed my parents tentatively agreed to Hong Kong after CNY next year. If everything goes according to plan, i'll book the tickets for 23-27 Feb 2008. It will be the 3rd HK trip in a year!

back to the show; nothing interested me. I thought iPod touch looks good, however it didn't have any organizing functions. $498 for the 8GB version is rather expensive and useless to me, since i don't watch videos on the move. Next, the Microsoft mouse were selling at the same price compared to Simlim. Why do a promotion at Sitex, when the prices are identical, if not slightly higher? And next, Orange Telecom were pushing SE phones at the show. Once again, the prices are higher than Mobilesquare. I concede not many would know/trust MS, but the prices are simply marked up. Picked up some leaflets and went back for my night shift.

Case for touch. hmm..

funerals and partings
was looking at CNA and STI video reports of the 5 men. The event has ironically captured some people's attention (like me and a few), yet many others seem to treat it as something insignificant.

before saying some harsh words, i'd say sorry, but i don't understand why some human beings can treat it as though nothing happened. It would be very selfish to say "oh this didn't happen to me, why should i care?". It's not about a national loss of sportsmen, but in reality sudden loss of a son, colleague, army mate, friend, etc. Put yourself in their shoes, what if you're the parent, colleague, army mate or friend of the 5? Shrug it off? If yes, then the infamous line applies: what comes around goes around.

other thoughts
i'm again disappointed with someone. Although i'm concerned about the situation, there's no feedback about it. Maybe aloofness is the word. What i heard after the meal just sunk the disappointment further.

she has been trying hard, perhaps to overrun stronger mates. But that's not the crux nor the critical factor to winning. What's the point of winning? One can help, the other can advise, someone else can help put words across. But when the attitude and mindset isn't correct, things will never change for the better. The onus is on herself to make the change in time management and be assertive & expressive in her working style. If the aim is to move to any of the local universities later, the change must happen. It's never about winning academically, but it's about how to cope with personal stress and manage friendly relations. A loner, want-to-do-all or stubborn mindset will never truly succeed. The GPA is just a number. [edit] Having said all these, i still don't mind sharing her troubles... *foolish me*.

my words are frank and honest. Anyway, she may not read my blog. So i end up talking to air still.

exhausted and wanted to blog about some interesting news, but i lost that feeling to continue. Time to sleep...

Gary got these from Japan. Nice!


Wednesday, November 28, 2007

exams over - phew

actually i can't be relieved until i receive the results on 26 Dec. I'll be at HK then, so making sure i visit some temple during Xmas to pray.

i somewhat studied for CS3265, however i thought the paper was on wed, and CS2250 on tue. Then on monday night, the moment of truth (and shock) that the papers are actually swapped. Panic and sudden onset of flu in the seminar room really affected my mood... sigh. CS2250 was just now, which was much better - familiarity with the same seminar room and preparation was close to my best ability.

went to simlim thereafter, and found several discoveries (or rather old news):

- AMD Phenom, the quad-core processor from AMD is out. It's 2.2GHz x 4 processing cores in a die, retailing for $550 with a MSI K9AGM3-FIH motherboard. It's a pity that the performance is poorer than Intel's Core 2 Quad (C2Q) series, however still a serious contender.

Logo for AMD Phenom

- DDR2-667 desktop and notebook RAMs selling for <$35 for 1GB. 2GB stick for $80. All notebook peeps should take advantage and upgrade to at least 2GB! If you're unsure whether your RAM is DDR or DDR2, use CPUId to check.

- A slew of new Microsoft notebook mice - Notebook Laser 7000, Mobile Memory Mouse 8000 (1GB thumbdrive) and Notebook 5000 (Bluetooth). I like 8000 for its ball shape (gee, looks like something) and 5000 for the design.

i think i saw Kim this morning. Was quite groggy and saw a really familiar girl on the mrt platform. But no, i pretended i saw nothing. Just feel so awkward to call her 8 years after the breakup.

finally, a pity for this holidays; i'm bombarded with night shifts. Horrible. While i wouldn't mind a reasonable dose, but 5 full days of seeing darkness in campus is just... overwhelming? Still i have a project in mind - Project Up Early. Can i do it? hmm...

Monday, November 26, 2007

loss of Singapore sportsmen in Cambodia

Tonle Sap is one of my geography interest since i traveled over it towards Siam Reap (Angkor Wat) at least 4 years ago. Northwards of Cambodia, Tonle Sap forms the largest freshwater lake in SEA, and do note being named a lake is an understatement, or rather our local lakes are overstated. I was very amazed at certain areas in the lake, no boundaries could be seen!

Credits from wiki

excerpt from STI:

The fast-flowing Tonle Sap river springs from the sacred Tonle Sap lake, the largest inland freshwater lake in the region.

The lake and its river systems provide much of the fish that is the staple source of protein for Cambodians, as well as fertilising vast hectares of rice paddies with its flood-waters.

When the monsoon rains arrive, the Tonle Sap river flows north into its parent lake, breaking its banks in some places and providing fertile flood plains.

But at the monsoon's peak, just before the rice-planting season, the river reverses its flow as the engorged lake expels flood waters rich in alluvial soils, and the freshly fertile flood plains are revealed, ready for planting.

The Tonle Sap is said to be the only river in the world to flow in two directions.

From its beginnings, it meanders through the heart of the country and forms the main promenade in the capital Phnom Penh, bustling with shops and restaurants.

Tourists going by river to the ancient Angkor Wat temple complex 400km north must navigate the Tonle Sap, but thousands more cruise its deceptively calm-looking brown waters - waters which hide fierce currents - every year for pleasure.

At the end of the stretch of river that flows past the capital, the Tonle Sap meets the Mekong and Tonle Bassac in a three-way confluence of waterways in a churning mass of currents prone to whirlpools and downward rips.

It was in this area that the bodies of the five Singaporeans were finally found by fishermen who know these treacherous waters best.

- Stephen Loh, 31, PE teacher at NJC
- Poh Boon San, 27, engineer at DSTA
- Jeremy Goh, 24, student at UniSIM
- Reuben Kee, 23, musician part-time model, graduate from NYP SIDM
- Chee Wei Cheng, 20, full-time NSF

imo, the accident should be considered a freak one. The Water Festival has been going on for a long time, and the tradition is to compete without life jackets as a primary consideration.

despite questions from the bereaved families, we must also note that Cambodians have responded very timely and appropriately to the mishap. PM Hun Sen and King Norodom Sihamoni have appeared to speak and amass help. DPM Sar Kheng was supervising search efforts. We may not find such high-level diplomatic assistance everywhere else in the world.

nevertheless, we have lost 5 very competent men. Hope the families can take the loss well, at least after some time...

Sunday, November 25, 2007

studying mood

as every semester passes by, i cultivate better moods to study. Unfortunately this again doesn't favour me, because the education system looks at consistent results since the start. sigh...

went to nyp to study after a late lunch. Surprisingly the campus is quite alive on a saturday noon. The gates were wide open, for some MOU. There were groups of students, majority China peeps, gathering outside LTs at Blk N. Just outside my room, i saw 2 guys sitting on the brown bench studying.

the surprising thing - i think they are from NUS, computing! =x I don't really know them, so i just gave a bo chup look, scanned my card and went in. I'm always like this, dao by nature. Looks like many of us prefer to avoid NUS libraries, etc because of the crowd. In the first semester, i tried parking myself at Central library to study. The mere view of the crowd (i mean every table was fully occupied with laptops, books in tow) is soooooo demoralizing. Especially when i just started reading my text that time.

read an amount of reference text, then my mind started wondering...

This was my climax of the night -
went to blk S to get this, paired up with my Nissin!!

Saw that the A1 printer ran out of ink -
friendly TSO volunteered to change

Then i realised i opened $400 worth of inks. =x

just nicely at 1210am, i went off. What i saw at the train station really reinforces my impression that all kinds of things happen during the wee hours of train services:

- people drunk (this is normal)
- people sleeping on the seats (this is normal, too)
- people urinating on the seats, and the ammonia laced liquid flowing across the carriage (YUCKS)
- people quarreling for no reason (spectacle to watch)

just now, a mat couple was quarreling on the platform. Alot of shouting, physical movements (the guy trying to hug or manhandle the girl or something). Then they slowly bickered from the orange end of the platform towards the green end (middle).

i was reading my article at the middle facing the direction towards Woodlands, so didn't bother much. Soon, a train towards AMK approached behind me. Seconds later, i heard a door open.

it wasn't the normal door. It was the train driver's door, right in the middle section of the platform! I saw the guy trying to handle the girl again, this time just behind me. The mat driver signaled the guy to go over, then said some stuff in Malay. The guy initially went over but stopped halfway, replied coolly personal problems. The driver then murmured something, closed his door and pulled his train completely into the station.

wafts of burnt rubber drifted past me. Then i realised that the driver jammed his brakes. Maybe the girl wanted to commit suicide.

i'm amazed by the silent braking, and the actions of that couple. No wonder in the past deaths, some people can hear the cries and bones breaking. So it's true. Anyway what kind of problems must be solved by such an action? Not that i cannot empathise with them, but why such a reckless act?

everytime someone says he/she has matured (even myself), i think there's much more to experience. One will never be able to confirm their own maturity, much less judge whether another person is mature. We all learn and pick ourselves up along the way.

happy birthday to BMT buddy rul!

happy birthday to Wenqun! May the police force be with you, Miss Tan too!

Saturday, November 24, 2007


friday was badminton with Celeste and Jac. My arms are aching now, was quite an intensive play. Intensive because i was trying to catch celeste's moves. I'm as usual bad in it =x

before that they were giving out those collages to their classmates. Surprised to see vicky doing it for HIM, hahah. Then poor Jac with watery (!) eyes was stuck at the pc, trying to submit the UI. Instead of helping her much i rushed her to submit and go off... oops bad example as a uni student.

then we went to NFS nearby to dine. Surprise surprise...

I din know the cake was for me... lol


sabrina also came back from her leave; the youngest daughter got her PSLE result. Her youngest daughter is a pig, not literally but according to the calendar la -

- 1971 pig: my colleague (no prizes for guessing who)
- 1983 pig: me
- 1995 pig: sabrina's daughter

if her daughter joins us as a TSO, then our nicknames gotta change. She will have a title of small pig, i should be called a middle pig instead of small pig. The big pig should be called old pig. Just for laughs... =x

back to the PSLE, we're discussing how the scores shifted towards the >80% percentile recently. Getting a 260 or even 24x, 25x is considered a 神 in the 90s, then it's like so common now! Now that the result is out, she's deciding on the choices of secondary schools. Even the choice has to be deliberated on... omg. Now i know why a lecturer left a tutorial's room projector lighting and the key attached to the cabinet on thursday. When i become a parent, will i become like them?!

Rainie - 暧昧 (Ambiguity)

何时该前进 何时该放弃

超过了友情 还得不到爱情

想太多 是我还是你
我很不服气 也开始怀疑



Ambiguity makes people feel wronged
they can't find evidence of love
the right time to get closer, the right time to give up
Can't even bring up the courage to hug one another

I can only accompany you up to here
After all, there are some things that I cannot do
Surpassing friendship, not quite reaching love
It's about to rain in a faraway place

Should I cry?
Is it you or I who thinks too much?
I'm really not convinced and I start to suspect
Is the person in front of me really the same you?

Ambiguity makes people feel wronged
they can't find evidence of love
the right time to get closer, the right time to give up
Can't even bring up the courage to hug one another

Ambiguity makes people greedy
until waiting loses its meaning
I cannot bear the fact that we cannot write out an ending
Let the beauty of regret stop right here

Thursday, November 22, 2007

birthday thoughts

yup, indeed my birthday came and is passing without much ado. Ivana was the first to message, followed by 3 girls and Andrew (i think?!).

it was quite a far cry, if you went through the photos in my friendster. A year ago, i was close to crumpling down because i felt i was a failure. A failure in managing my personal life - a relationship of many years gone to drain, which inevitably affected my grades. It was 'zi bao zi qi' that explained the effects. The grade point system punishes students who started off badly, like me. I never got a D since polytechnic years. Yet i was rewarded a D for my personal problems in my first semester. And so far i have been unable to push up my CAP by a lot - but i persist in hanging on.

time indeed works to heal wounds. I (still) have to thank my friends who were there for me. Last October, i remember calling GY down to his coffeeshop, ordered a bottle of Heineken while i waited. As he arrived and i drank, i recounted the regret to him. The rest that followed is plenty of sad stuff, which took months to recover. As i looked back, i might have looked foolish, but i'm never the one who can hide my emotions well, especially unhappy ones. The more i know the person well, the more i reveal myself (can be good and bad). So, it's always better to release pent up pressure.

Scott Jones and i talked briefly along the corridor just now. And saw MY coming back to take her bread (hmm). Then i recalled he and some of my tutors know both of us when we were in campus as students. I could still remember MY's reaction when she heard about the bad news.

many love songs carried deep meanings, and somehow i paid more attention to the lyrics since. The proverbial message of "letting go in order for the other good" hurts, but eventually it may be the best choice after all. She is doing very fine this day. I have also not stopped believing in what i should believe, and hope for the best for everything.

as i looked ahead, there are more to ponder - my career, my love and family. For my career, i maintain my stance; i'll go wherever there are good opportunities, including overseas stints. For my family, they are always the closest to me. Love is always an irony. When i'm attached, there are always frustrations because i care for my other half, yet always have problems showing it. When i'm single, there are always frustrations because i want my life to be mine and someone else's too. I want to share my ice lemon tea now, but nobody wants to. What's worse, i'm trapped in a one-sided situation.

matters of the heart aside, i feel like telling her to be more assertive of herself. She aims to further her studies later, and she can't really handle the human aspect of groupwork well. Get in touch with the harsh realities of working life as quickly as possible. What drew said might sound far fetched, but it may well be her nemesis. However who am i to tell her, and will she listen? Nevertheless, i'd like her for what she is.


Wednesday, November 21, 2007

more photos

alright, some problems with blogger just now. Lost the HTML composer, so doing a post was nightmarish.

now more photos:

Me presenting my part

Waixin here

Our home page

i've uploaded the application to my web server, however the login is restricted. Interested peeps can ask me for an account.

now let's talk about phones! I'm happy with my Samsung U600, however looking for even better players:

G600 - Nearly identical to U600, except the normal buttons and 5mp cam

SE P1i - i thought left and right and still thinking about this
The main problem is bulk.

The new iPhone

HK told me about his lobang, and i placed an iPhone order through him. If the price is true, then it's really a steal.

what's happening in the next few days is (probably) study, study and study. I'm at the bottom of the cohort for CS3265's CA, which is >50% of the grade. It's undeniable the grade stinks because the attention and efforts were on CS3214. Still if time management is good, i'd cope with both. But i'm working as well - sacrifices well well well.

presentation's over!

to wake up on time i forced myself to sleep at the sofa from 4-6am. If i went to my bed, rest assured i'll be running out from my house and to the roadside (for a taxi). My peer reviews will definitely get 1 (out of 5 or 10) for punctuality. =x

the method really works, or maybe i was really anxious about it. Was rehearsing in one of my labs, running the full powerpoint and my laptop doing the system demo. My audience? The air and chairs in front of me. I thought i went over the script for 5 times, until i was quite confident. No choice, i was the one starting the demo and have to make an impact.

so i reached school early, even enough for a meal. Got tea and mineral water, then went up to the exec classroom. Waixin was already there, and while changing into formalwear steve called me. He thought i was still on bed. =p

the presentation was alright, except TY and WK uncovered some bugs, especially for my module. Also, my hard work on the navigation menu was kinda wasted, since there was a bug. However the functionality is there, just needed to polish it up. Midway at zw's part, the laptop hung ...! Really bad because everything just froze. Eventually they were quite accomodating and we continued after restarting. Kelvin was the entertainer during the "commercial break" as usual.. lolz.

then the demo ended. Had quite a good laugh with CH outside, however we heard that the next presenting group encountered deployment problems and had to stay overnight. The feeling really suck, especially it's already after submission and into study week. Good luck to them...

Always kenna bully..

CH and our group - notice my chubby face =x

in case you're wondering who is CH, his academic profile is here. Actually, we're quite amazed he's already pursuing (and getting) his Doctorate soon. Really... o.O.

tomorrow is my birthday. It will probably just pass by this year without much fanfare. "meinu" promised to mms a picture over later. See whether she keeps her promise while holidaying in Hat Yai. hiakhiak...

blogger is playing tricks on the formatting with me. Argh.... blog the rest later.

22 nov 08 - CH is now with City University of HK, his profile is found at the institution's site.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

CS3214 - a person's perspective

i thought since the project has ended, i should just look forward to the exams and get it done and over with.

however i still feel strongly about the paperwork.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

finally.... CS3214 has reached an ultra climax

this week is going to end. It was close to living in hell since sunday night.

so many nights burnt in office and lesser in school. Let's see what i did (amazing stuff highlighted in red):

- Sunday: went back office in the afternoon, code code code till forgot what time
- Monday: started work at 5pm + code code code till 5.30am
- Tuesday: reached school at 12pm, partial code integration then code code code till 11.30pm
- Wednesday: code code code + GEK test at 6pm + code code code till 9am next day
- Thursday: reached school at 2pm + code code code + study for test till 4am
- Friday: CS2250 test at 12pm + CS3214 submission (YES!) at 3pm
- Saturday: typing here at 3.30am

i have to admit that procrastination caused me agony this week. It's purely luck and a good foundation for my Java code that i was able to finish my CS3214 on time.

there were really worse moments, where i nearly broke down and wanted to punch somebody to vent my anger. It was on wed night, when i finished my GEK. The test questions were ok (50 MCQs), but i didn't study. Serious, i didn't study when the test was 50% of my module grade. Foolish but true, and it caused me some invisible stress later.

never mind, just answered the questions and left in 1 hour. Didn't want to brood over it, then went back to my "coding room" to code. Then i was at the desk coding from 8pm to 9am, with a midnight supper at NUH at 2am. At 6am, i was about to be done with my Manpower codes when my security enforcement code FAILED! Imagine the stress when i told CH that my enforcement worked, then it failed after. Furthermore i was really exhausted because i didn't sleep. Kelvin told me to hang on. It was the worst moment of my life after many years, excluding BMT in the army. I had an urge to take a cigarette from him and go out and smoke. Wow, i still cannot believe myself. And i didn't do it either.

solved it, went back to sleep at 10.30am. Then after 3 hrs of sleep, received a call from them on how to implement the security enforcement code. They know me well especially zw and steve, my temper was downright shitty during the call. I tried to hide it but it wasn't that good still. Sorry my friends... we have all suffered much. Especially for KO and Wang Yu who didn't go back home when i did, and stayed for ~36 hours without sleeping.

CS2250's test was also pure luck. Didn't study until Thursday midnight. That same night, i took out my GEK test paper and marked it against the correct answers. Nearly tore up the paper, but i threw it off my table instead. The only difference between me and my mates was that i studied 11 research articles since week 1, and it really helped in the test. What's another high for me, i slept till 11.30am and test was at 12pm. Stress upon stress.

submission for CS3214 was rather ok, except where Waixin found that one of his page broke at 15 mins before submission. 3 of us looked so panicky, luckily CH was very accommodating.

initially we thought the SQL statement had some problem. It read like this -


saw the error? Anyway the code still didn't work until many minutes after 3pm =x

now the pictures.

the tense night before my stress level rose

Presenting our team members

We bullied this aircon controller and it roared cold air after

Steve's notes for CS2250 - hardworking chap

The submission "package"

Crowd outside CH's room at 3pm

Peer review and code boxes, with chocolates. Nice of CH.

I liked this poster.

just now was dinner with zw and steve at bugis. We had no intention to roam around, but we wanted a breather after cooping up in the "coding room" for days. After dinner was a walkround in Simlim, where we discovered the ultra low RAM price (1GB = $39). Steve went for a 2GB microSD instead, since i thought he needed that more for his Navigator.

dinner II was with my usual hangouts. It was a usual friday evening at millenia's coffeebean.

some pictures i took when i went sakae last weekend - new menu to reflect new prices:

New menu again. The previous menu was roughly a year plus old only

This time there are many words for the preface

Sashimi moriwase

My favourite nabemono dishes

The fried stuff

I think this is new, or taken from their teppanyaki?

Pumpkin chawanmushi was taken out.

Not sure whether there are changes here

New sushi segment costing $8 (!)

The price of red plates dropped, but they removed 1 of my hana maki. -.-"

I think this is new.


Friday, November 16, 2007

it's nearly over

come'on zm, you can do it!

details of my excruciating week to come.

Friday, November 9, 2007

phone for mum

queue at Hello! shop was torturous! But i didn't want any other days to go down, so i slacked at cwp for 2 good hours to get to my turn.

got a SIM card, with Singtel iOne Value plan and a choice number for mum. Initially the salesperson could only find xxxx 0800, but i wanted xxxx 0080 more. Luckily he tried harder and got something. Furthermore, the first four digits nearly coincides with her IC number. She was so happy when i told her the new number. *4D* *4D*

time for my brother to get a number ending with 0080. We will be a family of 0080s, minus my pa who doesn't want a hp. lolz....

next is to get her a phone. She prefers using Nokia 3310 though, alamak. I'm thinking of a Samsung C520. Budget yet good enough for her. At least she can close the clamshell (and stop all operations) when she gets lost in it.

i'm so tired now... so bored that i went to the server room nearby my office, and shifted 2 aircon vents to direct airflow to the more powerful servers. The last time i did this nonsense was almost a year ago. Next time when any nypian pass by the server room and see the neat rows of aircon vents on the floor, thank me. lolz....

someone should just kill me. So i need not study for tests, exams and forget about CS3214 eternally. Yawn...

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Jay - On The Run 牛仔很忙

i found tracks 2, 5 and 7 nice. Can't wait for 蒲公英的约定's mv to be released.

彩虹 (Rainbow)

哪里有彩虹告诉我 能不能把我的愿望还给我
为什么天这么安静 所有的云都跑到我这里

※有没有口罩一个给我 释怀说了太多就成真不了
 也许时间是一种解药 也是我现在正服下的毒药

#看不见你的笑我怎么睡得着 你的声音这么近我却抱不到
 没有地球 太阳还是会绕 没有理由 我也能自己走

*你要离开 我知道很简单 你说依赖 是我们的阻碍
 就算放开 但能不能别没收我的爱 当作我最后才明白

Repeat ※,#,*

看不见你的笑 要我怎么睡的着 你的声音这么近我却抱不到
没有地球太阳还是会绕会绕 没有理由我也能自己走掉
也许时间是一种解药解药 也是我现在正服下的毒药


小学篱芭旁的蒲公英 是记忆里有味道的风景
午睡CAO场传来蝉的声音 多少年后也还是很好听

将愿望折纸飞机寄成信 因为我们等不到那流星
认真投决定命运的硬币 却不知道到底能去哪里

#一起长大的约定 那样清晰 打过勾的我相信
 说好要一起旅行 是你如今 唯一坚持的任性

在走廊上罚站打手心 我们却注意窗边的蜻蜓
我去到哪里你都跟很紧 很多的梦在等待着进行

Repeat #

一起长大的约定 那样真心 与你聊不完的曾经
而我已经分不清 你是友情 还是错过的爱情


这街上太拥挤 太多人有秘密 玻璃上有雾气在被隐藏起过去
你脸上的情绪 在还原那场雨 这巷弄太过弯曲走不回故事里

这日子不再绿 又斑驳了几句 剩下搬空回忆的我在大房子里
电影院的座椅 隔遥远的距离 感情没有对手戏你跟自己下棋

描述我如何爱你 你却微笑的离我而去

#这感觉 已经不对 我努力在挽回
 一些些 应该体贴的感觉 我没给
 你嘟嘴 许的愿望很卑微 在妥协
 是我忽略 你不过要人陪

*这感觉 已经不对 我最后才了解
 一页页 不忍翻阅的情节 你好累
 你默背 为我掉过几次泪 多憔悴
 而我心碎你受罪 你的美 我不配

Repeat all once

Repeat #,*

校花校草 II

2 months ago i blogged about Hey! Gorgeous coming to NUS.

it's so fast, time flies! The 1st semi-finals was aired on Monday.

although i was working night shift, i have to thank peeps from HWZ for spreading the good stuff.

Miss NUS (Rachel), Miss NP (Angelia), Miss TP (Beatrice),
Miss SP (Cherie), Miss SIM (Peiling) and Miss NYP (Wen Tao)

of course the votes were evenly split after talking to zw. lolz... i'll always prefer girls of my type.

too bad Cherie stands a lower chance as she lost out in Round 2 and 3. Round 3 wasn't her fault, but the team leader (Mr NP, Jerald) kind of got too complacent and forgot about his mates. Her marks suffered a bigger dent. Sigh =(

luckily Angelia has topped this round, she's my favourite =x Both of them are unlikely to win, because Peggy and Beatrice has really got the charisma to wow the public. Peggy's confidence is really thumbs up.

for the grasses i'll put my vote for this round on Lloyd. I'd guess army men are really faring better, especially where teamwork is concerned.

was closing the LT, this was my usual seat for 3 good years

dinner just now at Arts Deck - Si Chuan stall

we didn't plan to have dinner at the Sichuan stall, in fact we were decided on BK and then the economy rice stall since budget was more important. Then we saw so many people having mini steamboats. And the ingredients are really generous, everything for $5.00 only! Better than Beach Road in terms of utility value.

Yum. $5/set.

Of course we ate like hungry ghosts =x

CPU Upgrade for my brother's rig

the CPU is undergoing stress test @ 2.34GHz, a 600MHz overclock from the stock speed of 1.73GHz. Not bad if you ask me.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

china scammers 中国诈骗集团

apparently there is a new way to trick people who fears the law.

SPF has issued a media release for this scam:

Police would like to alert the public of a phone scam where callers impersonate themselves as police officers or staff from the Supreme Court. The impersonators would direct them to attend court or request for transfer of monies and attempt to induce their victims into parting with money, presumably to exonerate them from involvement in criminal cases or for failure to attend court hearings. In reality, the victims were not involved in any such criminal or court proceedings.

Over the past 3 weeks, Police have received 35 reports by victims who have received such calls, of which a victim have parted with about S$10,000.

During the course of Police work, investigators will sometimes inform members of the public over the phone on Court dates and appointments at the police station for police statements. However, police will never ask for money to be deposited into a bank account. If such requests for property deposits or personal information disclosure are received, they should be reported to the police immediately.

They may take different forms but these scams are designed to cheat victims into parting with their money. The public is advised to be wary. When in doubt, the public is advised to verify the caller's identity with the agency or organisation the caller claims to be from.

looks like many Singaporeans are taking them for a ride too, as more and more become aware of such scams.

2 real experiences here and here. Time to inform my parents because the elderly are very vulnerable to these scare tactics.

once again i have no issue with Chinese nationals in general, many of them are extremely courteous and kind-minded. My past 2 visits to China were by and large pleasant, except for a few touts targeting tourists on the streets. The tour leader in charge of our China itinerary was a gentleman who had much historical knowledge and love for his country, in particular. The more unfortunate (scammers) probably have financial difficulties because of the enormous population and limited employment opportunities, but as usual i hate dishonest people, as anybody else. 2 wrongs doesn't make a right.

Saturday, November 3, 2007


long time never blog. Or is it?

racing to finish up my manpower module before the 11th. Is it possible? Not too sure, gotta try. Internally i feel if i give up some sleep and have better discipline, i can. Since i designed the entities, screen flow myself there's more leeway to do stuff (and anyhow do =x).

just before the final system release submission on the 16th, zw and i will have a test on the GEK1531 module - 50%! Cannot afford to lose out since the stakes are really high. The sample mcqs aren't easy either. zz.

after the final system release presentation on the 20th, there's another written test for CS2250 in that week. Argh... that's the study week man! And my birthday week!!! *slap forehead*

just came back from work, was helping a colleague from EI to setup CL 7, which was disused for some time. I remember having lab classes in it as a student back in 2000, before it was closed and used as a specialist lab and more recently, a tutorial room. So it's finally being setup as a regular computer lab once again after 7 years =)

as SIT(EI) finally merges with us, there will be more to expect in the months ahead - staffing, facilities and teaching content have to come together as well. For me, i'll just concentrate at my spot. But definitely render my help to anyone without any prejudice too. My intention is to get things functioning, not to "play" the stage.

just read the thread at HWZ for k850i, comments aren't kind and exceptionally critical of it. I think i'll hold on my purchase for an improved firmware, or better still k860i or such. I don't see myself going back to Windows Mobile based PDAs soon, because of phone stability and bugs. There are no credible brand names as well (i don't really like HTC/Dopod). Maybe i can consider the Symbian based SE P1i? lolz... the indecisive me.

recently, the forum's popular topics include

- Sunshine Empire - the director from Sunshine Empire is just a loudmouth imo. In another words, a tua kang. Now he has to mop up the mess created by his air. There are no free lunches in this world, remember? To put it legally, it's still considered an investment but a high risk one. Same goes for the swiss cash shit.

i don't mind if rich people go in and burn their money, after all the current economy is so good that they don't mind the risk. But i mind if they are targeting old folks with an intention to cheat. If any of them comes near my parents, i'll fling my toilet brush at them. I detest people who are educated yet don't work honestly, and yet attempt to turn black into white. f**k.

- Blk 852 Woodlands - the famous empty block. Apparently it was already ghostly before the SARS episode, because it was empty for 10+ years. There wasn't any SARS in 1997.

- Our Prime Minister discovered that MRT trains are crowded, when he peered at it from CTE. And also, our Minister Mentor claiming that he can reach any point in Singapore in 20 minutes. Is he referring to Singapore in the 1950s? Or probably he is using this -

Yeah, in 20 minutes...

- - is there a catch somewhere?

i want my CPR!!!! hahaha...