Saturday, November 17, 2007

finally.... CS3214 has reached an ultra climax

this week is going to end. It was close to living in hell since sunday night.

so many nights burnt in office and lesser in school. Let's see what i did (amazing stuff highlighted in red):

- Sunday: went back office in the afternoon, code code code till forgot what time
- Monday: started work at 5pm + code code code till 5.30am
- Tuesday: reached school at 12pm, partial code integration then code code code till 11.30pm
- Wednesday: code code code + GEK test at 6pm + code code code till 9am next day
- Thursday: reached school at 2pm + code code code + study for test till 4am
- Friday: CS2250 test at 12pm + CS3214 submission (YES!) at 3pm
- Saturday: typing here at 3.30am

i have to admit that procrastination caused me agony this week. It's purely luck and a good foundation for my Java code that i was able to finish my CS3214 on time.

there were really worse moments, where i nearly broke down and wanted to punch somebody to vent my anger. It was on wed night, when i finished my GEK. The test questions were ok (50 MCQs), but i didn't study. Serious, i didn't study when the test was 50% of my module grade. Foolish but true, and it caused me some invisible stress later.

never mind, just answered the questions and left in 1 hour. Didn't want to brood over it, then went back to my "coding room" to code. Then i was at the desk coding from 8pm to 9am, with a midnight supper at NUH at 2am. At 6am, i was about to be done with my Manpower codes when my security enforcement code FAILED! Imagine the stress when i told CH that my enforcement worked, then it failed after. Furthermore i was really exhausted because i didn't sleep. Kelvin told me to hang on. It was the worst moment of my life after many years, excluding BMT in the army. I had an urge to take a cigarette from him and go out and smoke. Wow, i still cannot believe myself. And i didn't do it either.

solved it, went back to sleep at 10.30am. Then after 3 hrs of sleep, received a call from them on how to implement the security enforcement code. They know me well especially zw and steve, my temper was downright shitty during the call. I tried to hide it but it wasn't that good still. Sorry my friends... we have all suffered much. Especially for KO and Wang Yu who didn't go back home when i did, and stayed for ~36 hours without sleeping.

CS2250's test was also pure luck. Didn't study until Thursday midnight. That same night, i took out my GEK test paper and marked it against the correct answers. Nearly tore up the paper, but i threw it off my table instead. The only difference between me and my mates was that i studied 11 research articles since week 1, and it really helped in the test. What's another high for me, i slept till 11.30am and test was at 12pm. Stress upon stress.

submission for CS3214 was rather ok, except where Waixin found that one of his page broke at 15 mins before submission. 3 of us looked so panicky, luckily CH was very accommodating.

initially we thought the SQL statement had some problem. It read like this -


saw the error? Anyway the code still didn't work until many minutes after 3pm =x

now the pictures.

the tense night before my stress level rose

Presenting our team members

We bullied this aircon controller and it roared cold air after

Steve's notes for CS2250 - hardworking chap

The submission "package"

Crowd outside CH's room at 3pm

Peer review and code boxes, with chocolates. Nice of CH.

I liked this poster.

just now was dinner with zw and steve at bugis. We had no intention to roam around, but we wanted a breather after cooping up in the "coding room" for days. After dinner was a walkround in Simlim, where we discovered the ultra low RAM price (1GB = $39). Steve went for a 2GB microSD instead, since i thought he needed that more for his Navigator.

dinner II was with my usual hangouts. It was a usual friday evening at millenia's coffeebean.

some pictures i took when i went sakae last weekend - new menu to reflect new prices:

New menu again. The previous menu was roughly a year plus old only

This time there are many words for the preface

Sashimi moriwase

My favourite nabemono dishes

The fried stuff

I think this is new, or taken from their teppanyaki?

Pumpkin chawanmushi was taken out.

Not sure whether there are changes here

New sushi segment costing $8 (!)

The price of red plates dropped, but they removed 1 of my hana maki. -.-"

I think this is new.


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