Thursday, April 30, 2009

peaceful summer

as the weather gets heated up, i remember Fish jiejie singing 宁夏 in her last concert here.

very melodic, very cheerful, very happy feeling. Lyrics are really simple, i think it's a nice number for k歌.

宁静的夏天 天空中繁星点点 心里头有些思念 思念着你的脸
我可以假装看不见 也可以偷偷地想念 直到让我摸到你那温暖的脸

宁静的夏天 天空中繁星点点 心里头有些思念 思念着你的脸
我可以假装看不见 也可以偷偷地想念 直到让我摸到你那温暖的脸

知了也睡了 安心的睡了 在我心里面 宁静的夏天
知了也睡了 安心的睡了 在我心里面 宁静的夏天

宁静的夏天 天空中繁星点点 心里头有些思念 思念着你的脸
我可以假装看不见 也可以偷偷地想念 直到让我摸到你那温暖的脸

那是个宁静的夏天 你来到宁夏的那一天

知了也睡了 安心的睡了 在我心里面 宁静的夏天
知了也睡了 安心的睡了 在我心里面 宁静的夏天

can she change her hairstyle back to the one in the video?

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

my colleague's hitched

our colleague and graduate from IT06 Lionel has officially taken out the hot seat for helpdesk support. He has a nickname - Helpdesk 小王子!

a year 1 girl went up to him, asked for his hp number. A night later she declared her feelings to him! Fortunately (or unfortunately) he is already attached, so he had to say no. She's also attached (hmm, the choice is hers, as long as she 欢喜就好). The saga continues...

then he mentioned to another girl at his earpiece was spoilt. The girl got a replacement earpiece for him!!

how come no girls did these for me uh. Actually got lah, but i don't say only (pui =p). I want a VW Golf though, any girl can give me? lol...

good luck to everybody who're going for their exams soon

Monday, April 27, 2009

cycling on sunday

went for my 2nd cycling with dear after the 1st one with the girls... realised i'm still quite unsteady. And can't seem to turn left/right without losing balance. Maybe not enough confidence. She's so much better than me, that's of course! =p

had a picnic style lunch, she prepared fried rice, soup and agar agar! Very nice of her =)

stopped at our school awhile, i took the chance to freshen up myself. Went to town to browse around, had dinner at Magic Wok. We ordered tom yam soup, steam seabass, some rice and had a nice time enjoying the food. Really, it has been a while since we had quality time together.

perhaps i was really too tired, messed up myself at a traffic junction at Middle Road. I saw 2 junctions (one for Bencoolen Street, next for Selegie), and saw the further junction in red and somewhat assumed the nearer junction was clear to go. At the 1st junction, she said it was red and i noticed it was impossible to stop at the junction, and impossible to proceed safely (pedestrians crossing at the other end of the box). Came to an abrupt stop in the middle of the junction and given free dosages of horns. Reversed out of the box, and didn't check the pedestrians. Literally kenna left, right, front and back.

before this, i got horned by some bugger at right turn from Sungei Rd to Bencoolen St. How can that bugger horn me when he wants to go straight from the lane 2? That lane is a right turning lane leh. He should have some cow sense to keep left and and not insist on going straight since he's already sandwiched between me and lane 1. Darn rude and brainless driver.

i tell you, the Middle Road experience was quite traumatizing. To myself and more importantly to her. Cannot account to her elders if something happen. Didn't send my brother later on, because i was in no mood to drive.

anyway, an interesting blog on North Korea - The forbidden railway

Saturday, April 25, 2009

clearing my cupboards...

at my place, my official properties include my computer table (that looks really messy all the time since i'm at my comp whenever home), a fish tank plus 4 cupboards, where 3 stores all my computer stuff. Amazing eh...

had to make some space to create an "automotive" cupboard, so throwing out some of my old computer stuff. Realised i have lots of electrolytic capacitors, which i overbought for motherboard repairs in 2005. Plus some old boxes for ACRyan fans, casing accessories for casings which aren't here anymore, 10 year old power supplies and such. Gonna keep my box of fans and heatsinks, since it really wasn't cheap to get them.

10 years supply of fans stashed into a box

Threw these away, mostly emptied of valuables

For sale

anyone interested in 2x2GB DDR2-800 RAM for notebooks, 2x1GB DDR2-667 RAM for desktop or Western Digital Raptor 36GB?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

50k servicing #1 - fuel filter

this is the 1st instalment of the 50k servicing. Time (and mileage) flies since the 40k servicing, isn't it? Actually the mileage is only at 49,000km, i intended to service only at 52,000km. Quite easy to clock 3,000km more, based on 500km/full tank and i topup about 3-4 full tanks a month.

had 2 incidents this month where the 1st cranking was bad. Either the engine failed to start or it started with the engine rumbling half dead for a few seconds. Some said it could be the spark plugs or battery, but these were replaced during the 40k servicing.

the fuel filter (as meant by its name) is supposed to be changed then, but delayed since it's normally very clean due to the quality of petrol here. Maybe the 1st cranking is due to a problematic fuel filter, so decided to change it. Hopefully i can stretch the next change to be at 120,000km.

found a very good deal in the forum, the workshop at Defu Lane 10 does it for almost half the price off from other workshops.

Ah Heng from Soon Kiang

Dismantling of rear seat and back to access the fuel filter

Ah Heng removing the cover plate to filter

Cover removed, the dark brown round cylinder entrenched into the fuel tank

Removed and wires transported over to the new set. Quite messy since it was so oily

a very labour intensive operation. While he removed the seats, i realised the seats are so light! Lots of long hair and dirt stuck to the sponge too. Will find the right tool, dismantle it myself for a good cleanup when i have the time.

learnt a little more from him - actually the fuel filter can last until 80,000 or 120,000km. Wanted to change my coolant, but he said the stock Honda coolant is of very good quality and shouldn't be changed normally until 80,000km. Once the stock coolant is changed, we need to change coolant more frequently. Nice and honest fellow.

the second instalment of the servicing will be on the engine oil and oil filter. Unless the cranking problem is solved, it's going back to Kah Motor for the servicing and warranty claim...

Monday, April 20, 2009

the new 2009/2010 mazda 3

since i'm ogling cars more than hard drives, motherboards, memories nowadays, i think i should blog about this new model. Because it looks even better than the incumbent!

but under the hood, it seemed only minor improvements were made. It's still 1.3 ton and the number of horses is still 104. So it might not be able to shed its reputation for being a fuel guzzler...

let me plagiarize a photo from the Mazda Club forum:

Axela on the left, new guy on the right

actually if you look carefully, the front looks like a very happy frog! Much tamed compared to the fiercer looking Axela.

Mazda 3 Sedan (2010) with pictures
Mazda 3 Hatchback (2010) with pictures
Mazda 3 (new) on SGCarmart

Friday, April 17, 2009

end of remedial training

wednesday marked the end of RT! POP loh!

met Alvin Pang and YB at Maju, chatted a little before i went to try the chin up bar. Mounted it and pulled a total of 4.5 times.

just that 0.5 more would be a pass! Never mind, i will and must clear it, plus avoid IPT.

ICE - in car entertainment

this is a sequel to the poisoning status on FB.

Incumbent - Civic 1.6 panel with Alpine headunit

Trial - Civic 1.8/2.0 panel with integrated Alpine headunit

AudioEdge at Toh Guan

This poison...

Ah Huat helped out in the installation, nice

End state

somehow, the integrated headunit seemed more like a downgrade due to lack of tuning options. I liked the neat and integrated look though. Due to the Focal component speakers, the clarity is miles better, so much that the bass was drown off. My old Alpine might be able to improve the bass, but it's kind of LPPL if it goes back in?

warning to myself: ICE can be very poisonous

Thursday, April 2, 2009

remedial training phase 2

i'm nearing the end soon, in 2 weeks. It has been 1.5 months going in and out of Maju.

Partial failure..

going to burn my upper muscles. Aim for no IPT and straight pass?