Monday, April 27, 2009

cycling on sunday

went for my 2nd cycling with dear after the 1st one with the girls... realised i'm still quite unsteady. And can't seem to turn left/right without losing balance. Maybe not enough confidence. She's so much better than me, that's of course! =p

had a picnic style lunch, she prepared fried rice, soup and agar agar! Very nice of her =)

stopped at our school awhile, i took the chance to freshen up myself. Went to town to browse around, had dinner at Magic Wok. We ordered tom yam soup, steam seabass, some rice and had a nice time enjoying the food. Really, it has been a while since we had quality time together.

perhaps i was really too tired, messed up myself at a traffic junction at Middle Road. I saw 2 junctions (one for Bencoolen Street, next for Selegie), and saw the further junction in red and somewhat assumed the nearer junction was clear to go. At the 1st junction, she said it was red and i noticed it was impossible to stop at the junction, and impossible to proceed safely (pedestrians crossing at the other end of the box). Came to an abrupt stop in the middle of the junction and given free dosages of horns. Reversed out of the box, and didn't check the pedestrians. Literally kenna left, right, front and back.

before this, i got horned by some bugger at right turn from Sungei Rd to Bencoolen St. How can that bugger horn me when he wants to go straight from the lane 2? That lane is a right turning lane leh. He should have some cow sense to keep left and and not insist on going straight since he's already sandwiched between me and lane 1. Darn rude and brainless driver.

i tell you, the Middle Road experience was quite traumatizing. To myself and more importantly to her. Cannot account to her elders if something happen. Didn't send my brother later on, because i was in no mood to drive.

anyway, an interesting blog on North Korea - The forbidden railway

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