Wednesday, July 29, 2009

free tools

free tools? Yeah, i'm entitled to an order of the tool bag and tool box, which was quite scary:

Delivered to my office

What you want, sure can find inside

she made some sushi for the picnic this weekend:


Thursday, July 23, 2009

remembering army daze

was chatting with Alvin about the new ITI when i started to recall some small stuff... like.

- the ultra long running track throughout Jurong Camp, from Division HQ to the old SOCE and to 30 SCE. 4km (really?) long, get to run the entire border, sometimes running into SAFTI cadets and some really eerie corners. I remembered i ran the track 3-4 times to prepare for AHM.

especially the old SOCE, which is now ITI. Other than the cars zooming by PIE, the building itself was abandoned when i was there. Imagine a building with corridors, staircases, doors and some windows nailed with wood but there are still lights in one of the room!

- guard duties, tuang-ing at that old SOCE building. Don't really understand how i picked my guts up and walked into one of the disused room with that 30 SCE guy and slept there. Don't ask me! Another spot was the vehicle workshop near 30 SCE, and the guy's bunk. We really tried to break the limits during NS.

- camp food. Apparently the best after Pasir Laba or SAFTI, but we still went for canteen and mat store all the time. The wanton mee or nasi lemak still win camp food any time, except for the price. In any case these are still miles better than the cookhouse at Stagmont.

- daily bus 182 or 193 to and fro the camp. Plus the strong and choky chocolatey smell every morning.

- the bunk with TV and entertainment gadgets. Had trouble hiding them (anyone tried to hide a TV will know) when MP comes, yet life is boring without these. Craved for internet, which i managed to get later.

- battalion day (or night). The CO ordered good stuff, can't really remember. I recalled having laksa or satay specially prepared by a chef standing at his table. Then as usual MDC sent some of their guys and girls over to perform the same old stuff. How about asking Wonder Girls to perform their famous Nobody instead...

- live firing. The BMT one was bad, real bad. Somehow i failed that and had to go again. Maybe it was the specs i wore, was difficult to take aim and ended up being a bobo shooter. The unit one was much better, because i became smarter and used contacts. There was the push cart (what's the name??) offering all kinds of food. If don't have, the uncle will come back with the order later. The only problem was no-sleeping, mozzies and the boring clearing up of the butt and swearing "i xxx NRIC ssssss hereby swear....... SIR!" Not enough spent rounds, gg. Kena f*** big time before going back.

too bad there weren't any photos. I personally liked the design of the range, because it was completely done in wood painted black with big numbers. Argh... no photos.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

i'm still alive

work started for half a month already, still riding the learning curve. The curve is still manageable, but there are pockets of free time here and there. Could have been put to better productive use in office.

i'm working with System p server hardware, which is based on IBM Power architecture (the old Macs use this; the PowerPC all the way up until Apple switched to Intel). Along with it would be the System Storage solutions, such as storage enclosures, SAN, tapes and what not.

the learning curve is steep i don't know server hardware, and we don't hook these hardware up like a PC, which can fail when any component goes down. It's difficult too due to the Unix based operating system - lots of work with console, AIX commands...

my focus now would be to be a good employee and manage my free time better. But it's going to be tough.
Deskmount? Rack? Frame?

The 7th generation of Power chip