Saturday, May 31, 2008

back to work....

was at nyp this morning. The entire level's card readers went down (unresponsive), so i spent around 1 hr trying to call the estates management office, etc etc. Looked like a backup supply went down.

then began the great vacuum process again. Did around 12-15 computers, made them dustless. It's satisfaction to see the internals so clean.

stayed for few hours to plan my Southern Ridges tour tomorrow. The published distance was 9km, but people said it's around 15km. And at least 4-5 hours to have the walk at a leisure pace. Everything's good to go!

Added some moss at the back. Hope to see some nice effects...

Tiny screen! Not mine...

why xdd and xmm must do these kinda thing?

normally the elder (my elders) will say, there's nothing better than earning an honest living. Means no gambling, robbery, or piao2.

i'm alright and support the statement. Although some shortcuts are inevitable. But i see young teens trying to earn big bucks in the fastest (normally the wrong-est) ways possible. Is money that important?

yesterday i was taking 161 from HG. Then there was a kid, i think 13 or 14 yo chatting on the phone, trying to psycho his friend to take up some facial course. Course fee? $500. The friend seemed to be reluctant, needed parental consent. But the kid was very insistent and had great selling skills that didn't make him sound like 13 or 14. Among his sentences, 1 shook me:

"you can earn lots of money by doing this, you know?"

he's naive, gullible and i wish he can realise his foolishness soon. If the friend parted with $500, then good luck to that friend too.

then while surfing forums, there were all kinds of related MLM scams recently:

- fake friendship through sms

- paper clips @ mrt, interchanges

i think i got the sms scam few days ago..

kids are doing entrepreneurship the twisted way. Wake up peeps... and damn the idiots who mis-used the kids.

the government ought to look into the main "roots" of the money line and jail the assholes for a good 10-20 years. Why? I think such campaigns can cause problems for the government. Brainwashed kids will think that the government can never take care of their needs when the MLMs fail, and point all the blame on everybody except themselves. Better to nip it in the bud before shit happens...

Friday, May 30, 2008

release of results - 2007/2008 s2

This sem's release is phased by UG year...

after a long time of half mugs and half slacks, this semester's result has arrived at 1200hrs. To see my agonies last month, click on the tag studies or here.

my previous release of results for semester 1 is here.

my module loading plan is here - classmates let's start finalizing the list for CORS bidding in July.

ok, drum roll....

CS2301: ?
CS3261: ?-
MA1312: ?
MNO1001: ?+

CAP? Undisclosed. Increased by 0.05 only....

sigh yet relieved. I'll fill in the ?s later...

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

little girls in the course, buffet @ 周庄

there's only 1 girl in the class of 20, so things are pretty dull. When we discuss practice questions, most of the time guys pick up the talk and don't wanna budge. If there are more girls, the entire discussion will be marvelously different!

the other ladies were concentrated into another class (Class B) - not very impressive if the name list was manipulated, especially on the one who did it. Spoke volumes of the intentions... i'll stop here. No personal attacks!

class ended earlier today. So zw had a recommendation for high tea buffet and we went. From 2.45 to 5.00pm we tucked in generously to the dishes, from dim sum to hongkong styled spinach, fried rice, wanton soup, etc. WE recommend it to anyone who has the time.

restaurant name: Zhou's Kitchen 周庄 (part of Tung Lok Group), 1st branch @ Anchorpoint Oct 07

location: Far East Square, Amoy Street (near Raffles MRT)

tele: 68771123

food: chinese cuisine, particularly cantonese

hi-tea buffet: 2.45 to 5.00pm, ~$21 after tea, pickles, towel and taxes - more info here

i liked these dishes:
- 水果虾沙律 Salad Prawns with Mixed Fruits
- 青瓜拌皮蛋 Century Eggs with Young Cucumber Cubes
- 红烧菠菜豆腐 Braised Spinach Beancurd with Vegetables
- 鱼子烧卖 Steamed Pork and Shrimp Dumplings (yummy!)
- 腊味煎萝卜糕 Pan-fried Carrot Cake
- 扁食 (兴化云吞汤) Pansit (“Xing Hua” Wanton Soup )
- 极品酱虾米煎肠粉 Pan-fried Dried Shrimp Rice Flour Roll with X.O. Sauce

the last item is special - by right you'd expect it to look like the normal chee cheong fun, especially when i thought HK's version is also normal but has better shrimps and soy sauce. But...

Ladies and gentlemen, Chee Cheong Fun

looked like horfun, tasted like horfun. But miles ahead - salty but i like!

finished the session with the spinach beancurd and wanton soup. Heavenly...

any other cliques of mine interested? I think the search for makan for Father's Day can stop already - this is it!

bloke is on course...

from now till June 11 is back to school - SAP BP ERP certification. Despite doing CS3214, the killer systems development module, adjusting to the SAP BP syllabus is difficult. "Best practices" (BP) cut both ways...

it's going on every single weekday, until sometime in mid afternoons. Then free after that.

the final test is on June 20, it's a must pass or money gone to waste.

just went out with Wenqun and da jie to makan. They brought me far far away, to have curry at Suntec. Then went far far far far away to Changi Village, to get fishing supplies. Looks like they gonna have lots of fun this coming Saturday out at sea...

Muthu's Curry!

Order: Naan, chicken curry, curry fish head and briyani. Wooo!

da jie, remember to bring me to the Yishun facial ok!

Monday, May 26, 2008

post birthday photos

While waiting for our orders...


Miss Tan and me

Miss Ima and me

Finished eating! Another round...

Where's vicky? Hmm...

watched indiana jones afterward. Had someone seated beside me.. with her hands over her ears for most parts of the movie. Not revealing who she is... =x

Sunday, May 25, 2008

changi boardwalk

i'm a regular visitor to changi, because i have to take the bumboat to Pengerang at least once a year. But oddly, i didn't realise the surroundings changed over the years. Except for the relocation of the old jetty to few meters towards the creek's mouth.

besides the boardwalk, i covered certain sites in changi point (from URA's map and guide to Changi Point). From Changi Village, i walked along Netheravon Road, then turned into Cranwell Road. Started the boardwalk from Kelong Walk, where Changi Beach Club is.

the boardwalk is divided into few parts, namely the Sunset Walk, Kelong Walk, Cliff Walk, Sailing Point Walk, Beach Walk and Creek Walk. Creek Walk is where Changi Village is.

sinister place for photography
i was using my camera at Chalet K, the one below Old Changi Hospital. Suddenly it went black. Had a ominous feeling. No choice but to use my pda camera from there onwards...

Blk 1, beware of bapoks.

Between Blk 1 and 4, street hawkers

SBS Transit bus terminal

Changi Village Hotel


Changi Sailing Club

Nice wooden walk along Netheravon Road

SAF Holiday Chalets

Strangling Fig

The screamer

Yeah, one of the last shots before camera got spooked

Algae bitten sign

Another tree, this is huge.


Turned into Cranwell Road, Changi Beach Club

Entering the Boardwalk via Cranwell Road...

Kelong Walk - many people fishing here

What's that? Rocks, and a warning structure

Going to the extreme end, Sunset Walk

Done with Sunset and Kelong Walk, now to Cliff Walk

Cliff Walk, quite dark here

The sign found throughout the walk

This is like a room, but with a registration plate. What's this?

Nothing much in Cliff Walk. Next stop, Sailing Point Walk

Huge rock! Good to take pictures...

Sailing Point Walk

As the name implies, lots of sailing vehicles and such. This is Changi Sailing Club.

Private jetty for Club members

I think it's between SP Walk and Beach Walk

The fishing area is forbidden. How did the 2 get in?

After a long stretch of sand, i'm at the Creek Walk. Ubin boats coming back...

Opposite is Changi beach...

Another boat...

Changi Ferry Terminal

The old ferry terminal...

Now the old terminal is gone...

went for dinner at the hawker centre. Good place for meals, but need private transport. Otherwise quite difficult to reach.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

happy birthday, vicky and ima

had a great evening with those present.

lugged $50 worth of dettol soap, loreal facial, shaver cream, sunblock etc from chinatown to IMM for the dinner. Luckily there was transport gladly provided by jy's beau (many thanks) after the dinner. The afternoon before the dinner was spent on cleaning my network communications box and server - hell lots of wet dust since they run 24x7 with a number of fans in the living room.

photos will come when the birthday girl is ready....

went for kayak after 2.5 hrs of sleep. Was energetic in the morning, but once i got home i just kept sleeping and sleeping. Terrible...

$3 for this hokkien mee. Failed instantly.

$0.50 more but more decent.