Sunday, May 25, 2008

changi boardwalk

i'm a regular visitor to changi, because i have to take the bumboat to Pengerang at least once a year. But oddly, i didn't realise the surroundings changed over the years. Except for the relocation of the old jetty to few meters towards the creek's mouth.

besides the boardwalk, i covered certain sites in changi point (from URA's map and guide to Changi Point). From Changi Village, i walked along Netheravon Road, then turned into Cranwell Road. Started the boardwalk from Kelong Walk, where Changi Beach Club is.

the boardwalk is divided into few parts, namely the Sunset Walk, Kelong Walk, Cliff Walk, Sailing Point Walk, Beach Walk and Creek Walk. Creek Walk is where Changi Village is.

sinister place for photography
i was using my camera at Chalet K, the one below Old Changi Hospital. Suddenly it went black. Had a ominous feeling. No choice but to use my pda camera from there onwards...

Blk 1, beware of bapoks.

Between Blk 1 and 4, street hawkers

SBS Transit bus terminal

Changi Village Hotel


Changi Sailing Club

Nice wooden walk along Netheravon Road

SAF Holiday Chalets

Strangling Fig

The screamer

Yeah, one of the last shots before camera got spooked

Algae bitten sign

Another tree, this is huge.


Turned into Cranwell Road, Changi Beach Club

Entering the Boardwalk via Cranwell Road...

Kelong Walk - many people fishing here

What's that? Rocks, and a warning structure

Going to the extreme end, Sunset Walk

Done with Sunset and Kelong Walk, now to Cliff Walk

Cliff Walk, quite dark here

The sign found throughout the walk

This is like a room, but with a registration plate. What's this?

Nothing much in Cliff Walk. Next stop, Sailing Point Walk

Huge rock! Good to take pictures...

Sailing Point Walk

As the name implies, lots of sailing vehicles and such. This is Changi Sailing Club.

Private jetty for Club members

I think it's between SP Walk and Beach Walk

The fishing area is forbidden. How did the 2 get in?

After a long stretch of sand, i'm at the Creek Walk. Ubin boats coming back...

Opposite is Changi beach...

Another boat...

Changi Ferry Terminal

The old ferry terminal...

Now the old terminal is gone...

went for dinner at the hawker centre. Good place for meals, but need private transport. Otherwise quite difficult to reach.

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