Saturday, May 24, 2008

happy birthday, vicky and ima

had a great evening with those present.

lugged $50 worth of dettol soap, loreal facial, shaver cream, sunblock etc from chinatown to IMM for the dinner. Luckily there was transport gladly provided by jy's beau (many thanks) after the dinner. The afternoon before the dinner was spent on cleaning my network communications box and server - hell lots of wet dust since they run 24x7 with a number of fans in the living room.

photos will come when the birthday girl is ready....

went for kayak after 2.5 hrs of sleep. Was energetic in the morning, but once i got home i just kept sleeping and sleeping. Terrible...

$3 for this hokkien mee. Failed instantly.

$0.50 more but more decent.

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