Monday, November 30, 2009

70,000km servicing

i realised i'm servicing the car much quickly compared to normal schedule. To be exact, every 3 months. With my new implementation of servicing every 8,000km, actually there's quite a bit of cost. For simplicity, i round up the numbers instead of saying 58,900km, 67,000km... etc.

the last servicing at 60,000km was really dull, simply change of engine oil and transmission fluid. Used up 4 quarts of Amsoil 5W-30, with 1 quart still lying around at home. The transmission fluid is Honda ATF-Z1, to prevent incompatibility issues. Will be doing the tranmission again at around 80,000km.

this 70,000km, i changed the choice of engine oil yet again. This time, OWS NA racing oil, thinner at around 5W-20. Plus, change of coolant and front brake pads, which i used original Honda Type II coolant and OEM Nissin pads from the Honda stockist Thian Seng. The left front pad was fully used up, thank god this was discovered early...

Packaged just like normal cooking oil...

Direct replacement, no need to mix with distilled water...

the only problem out of this servicing - the engine oil seemed to be overfilled! When the engine was warm, the dipstick still showed oil at the max indicator! Need to drain off some of it...

the next 80,000km will be a nightmare, since it's a major servicing point. Reminder for me...
- tyres (inspect)
- rear brake pads (inspect)
- transmission fluid (change)
- brake fluid (change)
- spark plugs (inspect)

gonna be broke...

Monday, November 23, 2009

my birthday

many wishes from people in facebook and some through sms! Thank you all!

she did much small stuff...

1. mee sua with shredded egg and mushroom
2. a slice of cake
3. wrapped 2x t-shirts
4. 2 boxes of jellies, 1 big bear!

i'm looking forward to a BBQ or steamboat...!


The munchies she got from home


Sunday, November 15, 2009

some thoughts...

this year of the ox, there are some major events.

- decided to get a car (and get some rather big financial burden in the process)
- graduated from school

many of my colleagues, ex and current wondered how these 2 can be possible, especially when the car came before graduation. This is a problem that is slowly manifesting itself. It constricts my personal development, because i'm not so willing to switch to a perhaps more rewarding career yet pays less. Due to the current job, i don't have quality time to spend with my loved ones, let alone going for language and career related courses to increase my value.

there's much money if i claim over time and mileage, but somehow this path don't seem to be a wise one.

maybe i'm a thinker, i think forward and imagine consequences. Yet i made the above decision without much thinking...

there must be some sacrifices seems. Some advise from people who walked this path or not is appreciated.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

getting over a failed relationship...

each of us has a different mechanism in handling matters of the heart. One can be normal during the onset thinking nothing has really happened, then found out things were more painful than expected. Another can be normal too, but is internally bitter and angry for a long time. Saying hello to each other seems normal, but there is much anguish underneath. Slowly, the promise of being good friends faded. It is just not possible then.

what i observed of recent made me recall these emotions again. For a period when i became alone, i was determined to set the so-called bad points straight, to prove to the other one. Needless to say, these actions became redundant and rather immature on realising it. For example, i spent much money going overseas, back to a place we went together. The trip was still fruitful, because it somewhat made me wake up. Basically, money made the world spin again. But, i am who i am. Some things just cannot be changed.

we all do silly things. But we cannot go on and do them forever.