Thursday, November 12, 2009

getting over a failed relationship...

each of us has a different mechanism in handling matters of the heart. One can be normal during the onset thinking nothing has really happened, then found out things were more painful than expected. Another can be normal too, but is internally bitter and angry for a long time. Saying hello to each other seems normal, but there is much anguish underneath. Slowly, the promise of being good friends faded. It is just not possible then.

what i observed of recent made me recall these emotions again. For a period when i became alone, i was determined to set the so-called bad points straight, to prove to the other one. Needless to say, these actions became redundant and rather immature on realising it. For example, i spent much money going overseas, back to a place we went together. The trip was still fruitful, because it somewhat made me wake up. Basically, money made the world spin again. But, i am who i am. Some things just cannot be changed.

we all do silly things. But we cannot go on and do them forever.

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