Friday, May 8, 2009


dear just left for her home, 3.5 long days =( sent her to airport, we hung around at T2 before saying goodbye.

anyway, it has been quite a busy week, because...

i'm more seriously looking for my 1st full time job. The stress of job finding is now in, submitting a truckload of applications and yet not receiving any response! And i can't really take my time. Mindef is the first company to reply, i'm going down for the psychometric test next Friday. Hope more replies stream in.

other things to do include my transcript, commencement paperwork. Actually not exhaustive, but these just appears on the top of everything.

i became a pestkiller too, but couldn't catch the cute rat hiding in the Blk L lift. It's sooooo cute, because it was trying to hide at one moment, then it came out and saw me and scurried back into the corner!!! Can't even say hello to it lor.

maybe get a nice warm nugget to tempt it into the trap. Call me PSO - Pest Support Officer.