Sunday, March 29, 2009

tan tua lui!

i have been really busy with physical training and getting headaches. Luckily still can get by, since the transportation to camp is quite seamless. Got make up pay somemore! No wonder some people sign-on RT. It's true.

but seriously i think these people benefit if they fully commit themselves to their career or anything else and do little or zero exercise in their lives. I have seen fellow camp mates who keng with their lives in camp - if it's a module in poly, then they may be able to get distinction for it. For some odd reason they keep falling sick and ill, but they are fine once they are out of active service. Give them football, suddenly their leg problems disappear. Give them army half marathon, suddenly can run without feel head pain, throat pain, or whatever pain that caused the downgrade. Give them a chance to run for a bus or train, they surely catch it (successfully). I agree in army we shouldn't give 100% effort, but not 100% avoid work as well.

the slack-ish mentality will stick beyond the 2 years.

have another form of stress from work. Realised it is a crime to drive a car. When a person says it once, it's a compliment. But when the same person says it again and again and to a wider crowd, he definitely has negative feelings and axe to grind. Seniority at work don't mean you can step on junior ones and say things you deem fit. Sadly the attitude and humility of junior ones are also undesirable. So please, don't go overboard.

The lone car - Sim Lim and me


Saturday, March 28, 2009

human nature (and greed)

i think vic covered this topic sometimes; that many of us are very absorbed into our aims and goals, that we neglect the better things in life - our loved ones, friendships or even our health.

i think people of around my age is particularly a problem. Because we are in our prime years. We could be fighting hard to prove ourselves in careers, studying hard (most people should be done by now) or other pressing circumstances due to family issues. Such as saving up for a car, family, a home of our own. We will seem to fight extremely hard for the next many many years.

after a while, we forgot the people around us. "Oh, he's always happy one lah. Oh, it's ok not to meet up, because i need to earn more money. I'm terribly busy and can't care about others now." Then suddenly one day, shit happened. Often than not, we end up compromising on our quality of life in the later years.

it's a gentle reminder to my friends and myself. Cherish the ones around us.

Link - Covetousness

Monday, March 23, 2009

sick day...

was feeling very sick on sunday. Maybe overexerted myself during RT the day before, and didn't drink enough water. Went to RMG to get some medicine, and interestingly the GP told me i had not went back for a year! Anyway, the visit was really expensive ($64 inclusive of $18 medicine).

doc mentioned i have moderately sized tonsils. The general population has small sized ones. No wonder i get throat problems more often than others...

my hands and legs went numb the whole day. Particularly over the night, where my hands was practically not usable. Is this normal? I don't think so...

did my 1st tyre detailing using Meguiars Insane Shine Tyre Spray. The tyres were getting brownish and scrubbing did no help. Couldn't figure out how to 'activate' the spray nozzle, thought it was spoilt and applied it with a cloth. Oh i was stupid, found out i had to turn the nozzle to the 'on' position. No wonder there was 'on' and 'off' engraved onto the nozzle.

The shine is back!

My resident companion - doraemon

2nd in command - Sergeant Keroro

Backup - Numero, kiasu #1 from Dooodolls

just for my record... i'm looking into:

- aftermarket horn replacement
- engine detailing
- LED lighting for interior
- DIY engine coolant change

Monday, March 16, 2009

xin min science and technology symposium

this symposium last Wednesday highlighted the successful collaboration between the secondary school and NYP in science and technology projects in the past year; our lecturers provided guidance to XMS students in the research and prototyping of key topics and inventions.

was the supporting guy for my 26 baby computers outstationed to Xin Min Secondary School. Schools today have indeed changed in their facilities. Definitely an improvement; because i see things such as a lift, airconditioned hall, nicely tiled parade square, etc. BUT the lift wasn't really meant for the handicapped - many staircases are found upon exiting the lift. So what is the lift for..?

the setup was army style, i have 2 movers helping me with the muscle building tasks such as moving them from lorry to the school hall. I was supposed to connect everything up one by one, but all the lecturers came and started connecting up themselves. So, i simply opened up my 'stocks' and let them 'loot' first, then stock-check later. Went around tidying up and duct-taped the power cables. 1 man for the entire hall... really... speechless.

Very nice hall

The actual event


Blk L is undergoing another renovation ever since the major level 6 refurbishment. Most of us who came from there would have booked project rooms or at least went into one. Thinking of that, i remembered it was my area to take a quick nap in between classes! Now the project rooms are being converted into notebook labs. There's another minor change at the infamous fish tank at level 3 as well.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

southern islands - preview

my good friend is still preparing the facilities on his yacht to make trips more comfy, so this trip is considered preview of the good things to come!

today is surprisingly a hot day after many days of rain, so i was badly burnt on my arms and face. But had great fun going from West Coast to Pulau Hantu and Semakau.

Despite its forbidding name, Pulau Hantu is a favourite haunt for fishing, scuba diving and snorkeling enthusiasts because of its sheltered beaches, swimming lagoons and inviting waters. The islands are also popular with campers and day-trippers who prefer a unique outdoor experience.

Pulau Hantu has rich reefs despite its proximity to Pulau Bukom's refineries. A wide variety of corals can be found on Pulau Hantu, and mushroom corals are particularly abundant in the waters surrounding the islands. Common sea life that can also be found include the clown fish or anemonefish, damselfishes, wrasses and angelfish. The rare giant clam and the seahorse can sometimes be seen. There is a small patch of mangroves between Pulau Hantu Kecil and Pulau Hantu Besar, where native seashore plants also line their beaches.

according to WQ, Hantu is good for snorkeling and diving when tides are high, and fortunately his yacht can still go through the waters of the 3 lagoons during relatively low tides.

Semakau houses our only landfill left in Singapore, which actually sits on Pulau Sakeng and then joined to Semakau. It looked surprisingly clean, except for a construction smell drifting from the landfill station.

went fishing, but my luck wasn't good. Not really bad about it, probably only male fishes were nearby during the day. The ladies got much better catches!

Our transportation for the day

Powered by a giant Yamaha engine

Rest cabin for belongings, float and stuff (remember the curtain bro)

Our fishing gear, courtesy of WQ

Pulau Hantu, one of the lagoon

Another lagoon and jetty at Hantu

Ms Tan - first catch

Me pulling up something

Parrot fish!

Ms Wong with her prized chermin

Our host

The landfill station at the background

Beautifully lined up with small trees every 100m

Water looks good despite the landfill

Going back - i believe this is Bukom or Busing

Rocky mangrove formation at Semakau - it's a nature island!

Courtesy of my dear

She loves clouds! - Cloud #1

Cloud #2

had a refreshing bath at the club before leaving. Good enough to relieve my headache...

anyone keen to experience the Southern Islands over the weekend? Do give us a beep. Assemble a cosy group of 4 to 6 and you're ready to explore!

remedial training

back to army after years of studying (slacking). Failed ippt last window, paying for it by attending RT. Like the OC of the Maju FCC said, since we're there treat the sessions as a good time to recondition our bodies, other than reasons such as networking, talking cock, slacking, hiding, etc...

luckily, the petrol is partially subsidised by my service pay.

largely, i'm enjoying it so far. But to pass ippt in Phase 1 seems difficult. Most likely promote to Phase 2..

3 more sessions to end of Phase 1

since i have company for the RT, we always carry on for dinner at Bt Timah. Today was at West Coast Plaza. Had sinful NYNY.

WX's Pizza

KW's fish n chips

My sinful spring chicken

Saturday, March 7, 2009

my ride so far...

ever since the accident i'm more careful in multi storey carparks; really turn and look for crazy drivers who treat them as playgrounds.

went to Kah Motor to claim warranty on my slow power windows, slightly burnt head lamp covers and my right side signal indicator that was glued on with foam tape all the while, until it came loose during repeated washings. Don't really blame the car dealer, actually it's surprising i discovered this only now! May return to them for 50k servicing, since the warranty is until December.

had the chance to remove my K&N air filter since i was claiming warranty. Had cleaning, washing and oiling for the first time:

Lots of dirt since it filters air to the throttle body

Dirt closeup

Oiling process after cleaning and drying (red area just oiled)

seems to be a good investment, since there is no need to change air filters every 10k. However, there is still a need to wash and re-oil using the recharging kit.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

卓文萱 - 一句话








Monday, March 2, 2009

visit to RSYC

have not went to the yacht club for at least 4 years. Previously, some of my secondary school mates used to gather at WQ late father's yacht. Quite fun actually, since i'm not really prone to seasickness. Went over to view his new leisure craft, now under 'renovation'.

drove there, parked at the roadside. While going to West Coast Plaza for tea, i made a right turn right in front of a police car when they had the right of way. Needless to say, the 2 men in blue stared at me thereafter.

Grand lobby


Very comfy restrooms, can even sleep inside

The yacht area

Seashaw - guess the owner?

if there is anyone interested to go out to Southern Islands for swimming, fishing or just relaxing, buzz me!