Monday, March 16, 2009

xin min science and technology symposium

this symposium last Wednesday highlighted the successful collaboration between the secondary school and NYP in science and technology projects in the past year; our lecturers provided guidance to XMS students in the research and prototyping of key topics and inventions.

was the supporting guy for my 26 baby computers outstationed to Xin Min Secondary School. Schools today have indeed changed in their facilities. Definitely an improvement; because i see things such as a lift, airconditioned hall, nicely tiled parade square, etc. BUT the lift wasn't really meant for the handicapped - many staircases are found upon exiting the lift. So what is the lift for..?

the setup was army style, i have 2 movers helping me with the muscle building tasks such as moving them from lorry to the school hall. I was supposed to connect everything up one by one, but all the lecturers came and started connecting up themselves. So, i simply opened up my 'stocks' and let them 'loot' first, then stock-check later. Went around tidying up and duct-taped the power cables. 1 man for the entire hall... really... speechless.

Very nice hall

The actual event


Blk L is undergoing another renovation ever since the major level 6 refurbishment. Most of us who came from there would have booked project rooms or at least went into one. Thinking of that, i remembered it was my area to take a quick nap in between classes! Now the project rooms are being converted into notebook labs. There's another minor change at the infamous fish tank at level 3 as well.

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