Monday, March 23, 2009

sick day...

was feeling very sick on sunday. Maybe overexerted myself during RT the day before, and didn't drink enough water. Went to RMG to get some medicine, and interestingly the GP told me i had not went back for a year! Anyway, the visit was really expensive ($64 inclusive of $18 medicine).

doc mentioned i have moderately sized tonsils. The general population has small sized ones. No wonder i get throat problems more often than others...

my hands and legs went numb the whole day. Particularly over the night, where my hands was practically not usable. Is this normal? I don't think so...

did my 1st tyre detailing using Meguiars Insane Shine Tyre Spray. The tyres were getting brownish and scrubbing did no help. Couldn't figure out how to 'activate' the spray nozzle, thought it was spoilt and applied it with a cloth. Oh i was stupid, found out i had to turn the nozzle to the 'on' position. No wonder there was 'on' and 'off' engraved onto the nozzle.

The shine is back!

My resident companion - doraemon

2nd in command - Sergeant Keroro

Backup - Numero, kiasu #1 from Dooodolls

just for my record... i'm looking into:

- aftermarket horn replacement
- engine detailing
- LED lighting for interior
- DIY engine coolant change


Cross Road Pedestrian said...

mid size tonsils? no scare... i've got no tonsils!! haha..

zhiming said...

NO tonsils?