Saturday, March 28, 2009

human nature (and greed)

i think vic covered this topic sometimes; that many of us are very absorbed into our aims and goals, that we neglect the better things in life - our loved ones, friendships or even our health.

i think people of around my age is particularly a problem. Because we are in our prime years. We could be fighting hard to prove ourselves in careers, studying hard (most people should be done by now) or other pressing circumstances due to family issues. Such as saving up for a car, family, a home of our own. We will seem to fight extremely hard for the next many many years.

after a while, we forgot the people around us. "Oh, he's always happy one lah. Oh, it's ok not to meet up, because i need to earn more money. I'm terribly busy and can't care about others now." Then suddenly one day, shit happened. Often than not, we end up compromising on our quality of life in the later years.

it's a gentle reminder to my friends and myself. Cherish the ones around us.

Link - Covetousness

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