Sunday, March 29, 2009

tan tua lui!

i have been really busy with physical training and getting headaches. Luckily still can get by, since the transportation to camp is quite seamless. Got make up pay somemore! No wonder some people sign-on RT. It's true.

but seriously i think these people benefit if they fully commit themselves to their career or anything else and do little or zero exercise in their lives. I have seen fellow camp mates who keng with their lives in camp - if it's a module in poly, then they may be able to get distinction for it. For some odd reason they keep falling sick and ill, but they are fine once they are out of active service. Give them football, suddenly their leg problems disappear. Give them army half marathon, suddenly can run without feel head pain, throat pain, or whatever pain that caused the downgrade. Give them a chance to run for a bus or train, they surely catch it (successfully). I agree in army we shouldn't give 100% effort, but not 100% avoid work as well.

the slack-ish mentality will stick beyond the 2 years.

have another form of stress from work. Realised it is a crime to drive a car. When a person says it once, it's a compliment. But when the same person says it again and again and to a wider crowd, he definitely has negative feelings and axe to grind. Seniority at work don't mean you can step on junior ones and say things you deem fit. Sadly the attitude and humility of junior ones are also undesirable. So please, don't go overboard.

The lone car - Sim Lim and me


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