Sunday, March 8, 2009

southern islands - preview

my good friend is still preparing the facilities on his yacht to make trips more comfy, so this trip is considered preview of the good things to come!

today is surprisingly a hot day after many days of rain, so i was badly burnt on my arms and face. But had great fun going from West Coast to Pulau Hantu and Semakau.

Despite its forbidding name, Pulau Hantu is a favourite haunt for fishing, scuba diving and snorkeling enthusiasts because of its sheltered beaches, swimming lagoons and inviting waters. The islands are also popular with campers and day-trippers who prefer a unique outdoor experience.

Pulau Hantu has rich reefs despite its proximity to Pulau Bukom's refineries. A wide variety of corals can be found on Pulau Hantu, and mushroom corals are particularly abundant in the waters surrounding the islands. Common sea life that can also be found include the clown fish or anemonefish, damselfishes, wrasses and angelfish. The rare giant clam and the seahorse can sometimes be seen. There is a small patch of mangroves between Pulau Hantu Kecil and Pulau Hantu Besar, where native seashore plants also line their beaches.

according to WQ, Hantu is good for snorkeling and diving when tides are high, and fortunately his yacht can still go through the waters of the 3 lagoons during relatively low tides.

Semakau houses our only landfill left in Singapore, which actually sits on Pulau Sakeng and then joined to Semakau. It looked surprisingly clean, except for a construction smell drifting from the landfill station.

went fishing, but my luck wasn't good. Not really bad about it, probably only male fishes were nearby during the day. The ladies got much better catches!

Our transportation for the day

Powered by a giant Yamaha engine

Rest cabin for belongings, float and stuff (remember the curtain bro)

Our fishing gear, courtesy of WQ

Pulau Hantu, one of the lagoon

Another lagoon and jetty at Hantu

Ms Tan - first catch

Me pulling up something

Parrot fish!

Ms Wong with her prized chermin

Our host

The landfill station at the background

Beautifully lined up with small trees every 100m

Water looks good despite the landfill

Going back - i believe this is Bukom or Busing

Rocky mangrove formation at Semakau - it's a nature island!

Courtesy of my dear

She loves clouds! - Cloud #1

Cloud #2

had a refreshing bath at the club before leaving. Good enough to relieve my headache...

anyone keen to experience the Southern Islands over the weekend? Do give us a beep. Assemble a cosy group of 4 to 6 and you're ready to explore!

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