Sunday, March 8, 2009

remedial training

back to army after years of studying (slacking). Failed ippt last window, paying for it by attending RT. Like the OC of the Maju FCC said, since we're there treat the sessions as a good time to recondition our bodies, other than reasons such as networking, talking cock, slacking, hiding, etc...

luckily, the petrol is partially subsidised by my service pay.

largely, i'm enjoying it so far. But to pass ippt in Phase 1 seems difficult. Most likely promote to Phase 2..

3 more sessions to end of Phase 1

since i have company for the RT, we always carry on for dinner at Bt Timah. Today was at West Coast Plaza. Had sinful NYNY.

WX's Pizza

KW's fish n chips

My sinful spring chicken


Cross Road Pedestrian said...

dude, the chicken not sinful, the sinful one IS YOU!!


Zhangwei said...

u all went which restaurant...
food seem nice..

zhiming said...

Yes yes i'm very sinful =x

new york new york!