Saturday, March 7, 2009

my ride so far...

ever since the accident i'm more careful in multi storey carparks; really turn and look for crazy drivers who treat them as playgrounds.

went to Kah Motor to claim warranty on my slow power windows, slightly burnt head lamp covers and my right side signal indicator that was glued on with foam tape all the while, until it came loose during repeated washings. Don't really blame the car dealer, actually it's surprising i discovered this only now! May return to them for 50k servicing, since the warranty is until December.

had the chance to remove my K&N air filter since i was claiming warranty. Had cleaning, washing and oiling for the first time:

Lots of dirt since it filters air to the throttle body

Dirt closeup

Oiling process after cleaning and drying (red area just oiled)

seems to be a good investment, since there is no need to change air filters every 10k. However, there is still a need to wash and re-oil using the recharging kit.

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