Friday, June 29, 2007

updates on SIT Level 6

before the updates, let me recall what i've done today. Jac called me to print some stuff, so i woke up at 8+. Then she told me no need anymore, i felt tired and went back to sleep, since the room was still cool. =x

brunch was at CWP's foodcourt again, then i went to visit RMG to get my flu medicine. So expensive!! Anyway the next trip is to Guardian.

wanted to repair the iriver, but did not due to time.

now the updates. It's going to be open soon! The security cams are already up at the helpdesk. However the 2 3/4U machines running these digitised cams are making a din with their noisy fans. When will the existing CRT based screens be changed to LCD or plasma? Your guess is good as mine - god knows.

This is the view on my left after entering the main door -
the open air space on the right of the picture is converted into classrooms

The view behind me. At the background is the access door to staff area, formerly L619 to L625

New male toilets which overwrote the old club room

A peek into one of the rooms

The corridor from L601 to 608.
This is the only corridor (and 8 rooms) that remained intact, except for the glass windows and flooring

The other corridor. On the right are staff rooms

A dried up xiao ming in the server room. Aww

Boliao #1 - Mr Brown

Boliao #2 - Who lost a durian on the bus?

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