Thursday, June 28, 2007

bad hair day

wednesday was a rather bad day.

no idea why, but i just didn't feel good from morning towards lunch time. Towards the end of my duty, someone screwed up the demo PC in one of the lecture theatres, i had to close the helpdesk to attend to him. Then my hp beeped while troubleshooting. My mood got switched off... even took my time to solve the screwup.

after my duty, Sabrina once again volunteered to lend a ear. Actually i felt so stupid as i related my thoughts. It's simply myself trying to take things too far thus feeling so down when something exceptional happens.

*zm ah zm... why you're so ti ki! why insist to bang into a wall when you know there's a wall in front of you!? you're already very lucky, why ask for more?*

i have to agree with Celeste. Compared to her situation, i should be contented. I recalled the uncle running FJ/Koufu's japanese food stall saying -
自足长乐 to be really happy

Anyway i just didn't want to be in school anymore. Went to pick up her iriver.

This bus is especially clean, because it was just overhauled - TIB 473B, Sv 851

then i was back in school. For no good reason except to burn my usual images, and to wait ...... sigh. Nothing happened, so i went down Little India to meet 27vir from VR-zone to take over his P4-2.8 chip.

dinner was at Simlim, my korean noodles. Surprisingly, i didn't bloat. I'm depressed, but my digestive system is working at its best!? Went on a bus spree and even went to Esplanade.

Which bus stop did i snap this?

Ferris Wheel!

Waterfront stage for NDP07 - built by our army's combat engineers

know what? The iriver hung upon startup. Sometimes, it doesn't even want to power on.

i don't drive and that place is freaking far, i thought i need not go back again! Guess what? I think 老天 is punishing me for being too greedy.

physically and mentally exhausted. I'm off to sleep.

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