Saturday, June 30, 2007

it's a friday!

went early to school with Jac since it's a good habit to (oh yes =x). Xiexie JY, so caring! haha...

morning was spent travelling to Tiong Bahru for her iriver. But this time was quicker, because after so many trips there i've found a faster way to go via Newton -> SBS 5.

and evening was like, YCK to JE and back. Fun eh? Someone said i'm so irresponsible :(

actually it's true la, but since the rain was quite heavy i thought i'd spend my time more usefully =x

from 10pm to 2am was with my secondary school peeps. Pictures speak a thousand words!

I reached at about 10pm. Belinda and Sijie's beau came by.

Mr Yeo, our form teacher dropped by in the midst of his busy schedule!

Alvin's girl, Sandra

"Mr Yeo! Cannot remember me!? I was your student neh!"
"Oh isit, how come i cannot recall ar"

Wenqun, Shuhui and her boy

Mr Yeo spoke to us on some of his teaching issues, such as pursuing a Masters and choosing a leadership and master teaching path. It is indeed not an easy decision considering his age, and whether it is worth the effort - i'd agree since it's important to strike a good balance between work and quality of life.

Mrs Ng SB has went on study leave to pursue her Masters. (!)


Fan the flames! Fan fan fan!

Our yandao John. Where is Trina?!
Wenqun gave an post ops briefing. Everyone was surprised, but i shrugged. oops lol

Thanks to Faizah for mobilizing her tentage!

There you go, Trina managing the pit well

Eze, ZM, Sijie, John, Wenqun (picking his nose), Guowei and GY

What's up with that megawatt smile!?

It was 1 plus, we finished our stock of prawns, nuggets and wings. Time to put out the flames

Comparing to Friendster 2004 pic, who has changed!?


My hair is so messy!

this has been one of the best gathering, small yet cosy.

to Faizah and others, please send your pictures to me via ?. I'll consolidate the photos for everyone to download!

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