Sunday, July 1, 2007

normal Saturday

went to work in the morning; i planned to sort out the particular lab i have, L539.

before i could begin, there were some interruptions. Some school club members wanted aircon for a lecture theatre, which caused some red tape. And eventually the aircon was still not activated because Director has to approve, yada yada. Then they wanted to pull the OHP from the lecture theatre, which i had to put back myself later.

they thought things are so easy as during a weekday, I suppose. Anyway i followed Just Follow Law and shot off emails to straighten this out... no more help until it's authorised by lecturer.

there were 17 workstations down in the lab! Omg, i've been neglecting it to setup level 4 since school started, yet the number was still surprising. Worked from 10am to 5pm on the lab, including cosmetic touch-up to L533 and L538 rooms.

dinner was with family, as my brother just booked out. Went to Dian Xiao Er at CWP.

Menu; ducks and soups are their specialties

Shiny peanuts, NKF?

Went Sheng Siong to shop for drinks.
It was darn crowded due to 7% GST tomorrow...

Long Q

come on la, why is everyone panic buying on the last day of 5% GST? It's not as though there is a war tomorrow. The effect will simply wear off since these are necessity goods.

i heard from Celeste something last night; it wasn't something happy to cheer about. Perhaps she wanted the former to tell me so she can spare herself the awkwardness.

now i'm aware. I chose to bang into a wall and hurt myself, so it's my fault. I just feel stupid.

i'm also sick of being given a label that i'm not. at one point in time, i thought of quitting my work to just run away from being described as a damned character. But, there's no real purpose in it.

just let them be since they have already this prejudice against me. However, it's clearer to see who are honest in their words.

The rest, i don't want anything to do with you. I hate those got taiji only come find me, especially since army days. I'm not your 7-11, nor your Salvation Army.

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