Monday, July 2, 2007


spent my Sunday idling at home, then went to AMK Hub to meet HK and Simon for Transformers!

i must admit i didn't have 童年; because i didn't like Transformers or any similar stuff (comics) when i was very young. I started reading non fiction stuff from primary 3 or so, and preferred 8 Days, scientific books etc.

So the names of the Autobot Bumblebee, Optimus Prime, Jazz and Decepticon Megatron, Blackout, Frenzy were so new to me. Especially at the finale of the show, i found the scenes too messy because i couldn't make out who is who.

but i like Frenzy! With his "oh shit" sentence before he was self 0wned with his own CD (he transforms into a boombox).

dinner was at S11 AMK, which i had the bak chor mee stall's mee. After some shopping it was a sleeping trip home.

Normal cinema leh. Nothing to rave about

It's a challenge... really.

woke up late, just didn't have the feeling to go out. Maybe i'm still at a loss of what to do.

it's true i made a mistake, however i'm learning from it. Thanks Vicky, time will tell everything.

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