Wednesday, July 4, 2007

feature: bedok south and north

i've not blogged for some time, it's as though i'm constipating =x

monday was a normal working day, followed by supper with Eze.

Poor mouse. Don't know how its ass got burnt

I ordered ice kosong. No joke


In a lousy mood. Buzzzzz off

tuesday was one of my rare day at home; which i spent it on finishing my updating of Windows installation CDs (phew).

wednesday's morning was helpdesking at NYP. Then i decided to go Bedok.


some friends may remember that i lived in the east before moving to Woodlands in 1996. I had a long history with Bedok.

- Birth to 19xx: Siglap, rented
- 19xx to 1991: Bedok South Ave 2, 1-room
- 1991 to 1996: Bedok North St 3, 3-room
- 1996 to ?: Marsiling Drive, 3-room

my 3rd aunt hopped around flats Chai Chee and Bedok North before making a permanent stop at Sengkang. I used to go to her house every weekend, and help her with simple chores such as sweeping the floor, etc.

when my family moved, we became slightly closer to my 2nd aunt since she lived in Woodlands for a long time. Unfortunately, she has passed away when i was serving NS. To be honest, i regretted when i wasn't able to be there when she passed on.

sigh, back to Bedok.

being in a 1-room flat, my family was understandably not well off. Combined with the cramped living space and usual quarrels... it wasn't the best place to live a childhood. However, these are all over. I don't regret my circumstances either.

my primary school was Bedok South. Now, the school has been replaced with Bedok Green at the same plot of land which can be seen between Bedok and Tanah Merah MRT tracks. My secondary school was supposed to be Bedok South too, however i transferred to Si Ling on the 2nd day of school. That's how i met a fantastic group of friends :D

now, pictures
note i covered Bedok North first, then South.

Took 25 from AMK to Bedok, terribly hot. The aircon didn't help either

Bedok Interchange. It's probably the oldest interchange now.

It's a long interchange

Bedok Central Hawker Centre.
My father used to bring the family here for chicken rice every Sat.

SBS 225 is the longest standing green/white plate service, besides Boon Lay/TPY's 243/232.
The frequency is superb... eg 2 green plated buses can come line in line.

Somewhere near my old block in Bedok North, Blk 512

I used to cut my hair here, with my brother. The barber shop is gone, yet this remained.

1991-1996: Blk 530

My unit was the one with the red pineapple.
My mum said the owner that took over is a young loanshark. o.O

Looking down is a CC and a satellite town centre in the top right

No, it's not mine.

The town centre

Sheng Song's Bedok North branch was one of the earliest, alongside with AMK.
It moved from a provision shop space to occupy 2 levels of this building.

Blk 538 Market

This shop is still here!
My father bought lots of Sony Walkman, radio, TV from here.

The CC below my old block. Sayonara Bedok North!

Took 229 to Bedok South. Behind me is Temasek JC

On the left is Blk 18, on the right is Blk 16 and the hawker centre

This is the 1-room block

The all familiar corridor

I showed my mother this photo just now.
Her reaction was "why the gate is nicer than ours?!"
wah lau then we move back la -.-""

The nice view of East Coast (no sea though)

I used to walk from Blk 12 to my primary school, along this road

Now it's Bedok Green Pri Sch

Walked to Blk 50 something. PAP's HQ is here

The view from Blk 60 is soooo nice!
Why didn't my father just moved further up to this area?

This bus is a godsend. Because the aircon is darn cooling

looking back, if i didn't move to Woodlands, i'd have studied at BSSS, followed by Temasek Poly. I wouldn't have met the current groups of friends and ended in another life path.

my mother still likes Bedok alot.
Perhaps i may purchase a resale unit at Bedok, then move back. But it's unlikely since i'm very comfortable with where i am now.

is it providence? Let it be.

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sunshine wallflower said...

Hi! I was Googling for a picture of Bedok North Street 3 and found your blog. Like you I also moved from Bedok to another neighbourhood. I visited the market on New Years Day and felt really nostalgic. The auntie at the bakery still remembered me! hehehee... I used one of the photos that you took for a blog entry I wrote on my blog - I regretted that I left without taking some pictures. Hope you dun mind ;) Happy New Year and wishing you a wonderful life!