Saturday, May 31, 2008

why xdd and xmm must do these kinda thing?

normally the elder (my elders) will say, there's nothing better than earning an honest living. Means no gambling, robbery, or piao2.

i'm alright and support the statement. Although some shortcuts are inevitable. But i see young teens trying to earn big bucks in the fastest (normally the wrong-est) ways possible. Is money that important?

yesterday i was taking 161 from HG. Then there was a kid, i think 13 or 14 yo chatting on the phone, trying to psycho his friend to take up some facial course. Course fee? $500. The friend seemed to be reluctant, needed parental consent. But the kid was very insistent and had great selling skills that didn't make him sound like 13 or 14. Among his sentences, 1 shook me:

"you can earn lots of money by doing this, you know?"

he's naive, gullible and i wish he can realise his foolishness soon. If the friend parted with $500, then good luck to that friend too.

then while surfing forums, there were all kinds of related MLM scams recently:

- fake friendship through sms

- paper clips @ mrt, interchanges

i think i got the sms scam few days ago..

kids are doing entrepreneurship the twisted way. Wake up peeps... and damn the idiots who mis-used the kids.

the government ought to look into the main "roots" of the money line and jail the assholes for a good 10-20 years. Why? I think such campaigns can cause problems for the government. Brainwashed kids will think that the government can never take care of their needs when the MLMs fail, and point all the blame on everybody except themselves. Better to nip it in the bud before shit happens...

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