Friday, July 18, 2008

modules for 2008/2009 s1 (updated)

this post was created long ago, now updating it.

i'm embarking on the 2nd last semester of my degree, yet it can be very far if there are any hiccups from now.

note #1: freshies coming in from Google, below is for reference only. Don't hold me responsible if you follow my loading plan. It's not the best combination, nor the worst, and it's for a stream that's no longer offered. Need advice? Go for FOC/FOW. My friends will help you out there =p

exemptions (38 MCs):
- CS1101 (Programming Methodology)
- CS1102 (Data Structure and Algorithms)
- CS1104 /2100 now (Computer Organisation)
- CS2102 (Database Systems)
- 1x GEM
- 1x Breadth
- 3x UEM

2006/2007 s1 (20 MCs):
- CS2104 (Programming Language Concepts)
- CS2105 (Introduction to Computer Networks)
- CS2261 (Enterprise Systems Development)
- EC1301 (Principles of Economics)
- MA1301 (Introductory Mathematics)

2006/2007 s2 (12 MCs):
- CS1105 (Computing and Society)
- CS1231 (Discrete Structures)
- SSB2216 (Employee Management in SG)
- MA1505 (Mathematics I)

2007/2008 s1 (20 MCs):
- CS2250 (Fundamentals of IS)
- CS3214 (IS Development Project)
- CS3265 (Economics of E-Business)
- GEK1531 (Introduction to Cybercrime)

2007/2008 s2 (16 MCs):
- CS2301 (Business and Technical Communication)
- CS3261 (IT Marketing)
- MNO1001 (Management and Organisation)
- MA1312 (Calculus with Applications)

the most important aim is to bid (and subsequently pass) MA1312 successfully, which is the prerequisite for ST2334 in the last semester:

2008/2009 s1 (17 MCs):
- CS3266 (E-commerce Technologies)
- CS3267 (Enterprise Social Systems)
- CS1280 (Java to C)
- ST2334 (Probability and Statistics)

Something wrong with ST2334 tutorial timings...

selling CS2301, CS3261 and MNO1001 textbook. Nicely wrapped up after a week of purchase. So unlike me...

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