Friday, July 18, 2008

notebook tender for NUS 08/09

one sentence about this year's tender - it sucks.

maybe the models up there are still in draft or incomplete - there are only models that hover around 2.45kg (heavy) or another extreme, around 1.0kg (too light).

the 1.0kg models are from Asus (EEE PC) and Acer (Aspire One). This is perhaps sufficient for business students or anyone who seldom do heavy duty tasks. But for Computing brothers and sisters, they are way underpowered. So upgrade to the powerful models and lug them up and down for classes?

next problem will be the processors offered - the Intel Core 2 Duo T9000 series (still) on the Centrino platform. SMU has already went ahead with the Centrino 2 platform using the Core 2 Duo P8000 series, with the latest 3 antenna Wireless N adapter, DDR3 memories and what not. Don't see why we couldn't obtain the latest hardware to go with our offers, given the size of the student population.

i'm disappointed at the relevant department who prepared and approved the tender. It does not fully address the entire university's needs. What a difference from last year.

there goes my plan to get my 2nd set from campus.

update: i emailed someone from Computer Centre. This senior system analyst replied me with 4 emails each containing a 1 sentence reply, when i sent him only 1 email. So much for email etiquette.

anyway, he said the website is still being updated. That's why Group 2A (below 2.1kg) is missing. But he confirmed something - Lenovo X series is gone. No more.

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