Friday, July 18, 2008

the singing trains

was surfing Singapore Trains forum at SGforums. Came across an interesting train.

if you do not drive locally, you know that we have a few train designs/models on SMRT lines.

- 1st - the classic white train, which is built by Kawasaki (Nippon Sharyo, Tokyu Car and Kinki Sharyo). Codenamed C151.

- 2nd - also white, but "sings" when the train moves off/into stations. It is built by Siemens. Codenamed C651

- 3rd - the black trains, jointly built by Kawasaki and Nippon Sharyo. Codenamed C751B.

the SBS Transit NEL (North East Line) and upcoming SMRT CCL (Circle Line) uses Alstom's trains. The NEL Alstoms are codenamed C751A.

talked so much, actually only wanted to draw your attention to the "singing" train. Apparently our Singapore version couldn't sing very well, but the Japan one did it GOOD. It's really excellent. Hear them out.

Singapore's singing train (have to click through because the owner disabled embeds)

Taipei's singing train

Japan's singing train

which do you think is the best singer?

also, welcome the lady made the announcements in the trains. Before SMRT switched it to the awkward sounding chinese lady.

Juanita - be sure to listen till the end

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