Sunday, July 20, 2008

my first facial

i thought my good friend and his girl were going to do it with me. Nope, they didn't, and i was left to handle the experience myself. Jolly well good lah, since the facial was full of ouches anyway.

vic said my face may turn red after that. It's true, because the ladies tried very hard to pick all my blackheads. They said i had lots of them, which i'm very inclined to believe.

the picking process was damn painful. Tears just automatically came off from my eyes. Had small talk with the assistant from China too. After the picking was another round of picking by the lady boss herself. Ouch.

then did the nice cool face mask plus some cream for the redness.

all in all, not too bad. Except the pain.

oh yes, the place is at Yishun 748. A very small beauty shop called Susan Tia de Beaute.

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