Tuesday, July 22, 2008

my first fishing

another first! lolz...

anyway i wasn't mentally prepared to be holding the rod and fish. But my brother said i must fish. Ok, there started my experience of the day. After meeting Johnathan, wq's fishing partner plus offloading of fishing accessories, we waited for the boatman at the beach outside PA Pasir Ris.

it's 2 years 1 month since i last visited the same holiday chalets. Last visit was because of the school's orientation camp, Chiarimento 2006. Time flies; gonna graduate real soon.

so we loaded up the boatman's speedboat and off we went. Before going off to the 1st exploratory spot, we went to a fish farm for live prawns. $10 worth. Then stopped at a spot between Ubin jetty and Changi creek. In all we changed spots at least 3-4 times. Spots are secret, because good spots cannot be shared =x

wq helped me with the rod, hook etc beforehand. So i had the luxury of just putting on the dead prawn bait and fish. Thanks my brother. I caught 4 small fishes. Ok lah, i don't find it bad. Heard Miss Tan did better. A lady's charm, maybe. Can't remember the names, but i know of 5:

- ang gor li
- leng chiam (grouper?)
- chal see (sounds like Chelsea). lol...
- snapper: gold and yellow
- johnson. Sounds like a human name. The mouth is damn big when caught.

had a hell of an experience onboard, because i had a tummyache. Shan't go into the specifics here, because the process was not really nice. I think it was due to the seasickness, but i had no giddiness. Besides the tummyache, there was a post-effect - headache.

Prawn shopping

Our vehicle for fishing

Cheap! I think quite lah.

Two of our fishing spots were around here. Apparently rocky and muddy

His prized catch

Me and this fish X

Me and another fish Y

Johnathan's catch and the biggest - fish Z

Some of our combined catches

Uncle's fish farm (Johnathan in foreground)

Reminds me of Fish n Co's mussels.

the experience? 5 stars. It's something money cannot buy. Shall look forward to another trip with more familiar kakis coming in.

saw this posting on google, very nicely done up. Do have a look.

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