Saturday, July 18, 2009

i'm still alive

work started for half a month already, still riding the learning curve. The curve is still manageable, but there are pockets of free time here and there. Could have been put to better productive use in office.

i'm working with System p server hardware, which is based on IBM Power architecture (the old Macs use this; the PowerPC all the way up until Apple switched to Intel). Along with it would be the System Storage solutions, such as storage enclosures, SAN, tapes and what not.

the learning curve is steep i don't know server hardware, and we don't hook these hardware up like a PC, which can fail when any component goes down. It's difficult too due to the Unix based operating system - lots of work with console, AIX commands...

my focus now would be to be a good employee and manage my free time better. But it's going to be tough.
Deskmount? Rack? Frame?

The 7th generation of Power chip

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