Tuesday, April 21, 2009

50k servicing #1 - fuel filter

this is the 1st instalment of the 50k servicing. Time (and mileage) flies since the 40k servicing, isn't it? Actually the mileage is only at 49,000km, i intended to service only at 52,000km. Quite easy to clock 3,000km more, based on 500km/full tank and i topup about 3-4 full tanks a month.

had 2 incidents this month where the 1st cranking was bad. Either the engine failed to start or it started with the engine rumbling half dead for a few seconds. Some said it could be the spark plugs or battery, but these were replaced during the 40k servicing.

the fuel filter (as meant by its name) is supposed to be changed then, but delayed since it's normally very clean due to the quality of petrol here. Maybe the 1st cranking is due to a problematic fuel filter, so decided to change it. Hopefully i can stretch the next change to be at 120,000km.

found a very good deal in the forum, the workshop at Defu Lane 10 does it for almost half the price off from other workshops.

Ah Heng from Soon Kiang

Dismantling of rear seat and back to access the fuel filter

Ah Heng removing the cover plate to filter

Cover removed, the dark brown round cylinder entrenched into the fuel tank

Removed and wires transported over to the new set. Quite messy since it was so oily

a very labour intensive operation. While he removed the seats, i realised the seats are so light! Lots of long hair and dirt stuck to the sponge too. Will find the right tool, dismantle it myself for a good cleanup when i have the time.

learnt a little more from him - actually the fuel filter can last until 80,000 or 120,000km. Wanted to change my coolant, but he said the stock Honda coolant is of very good quality and shouldn't be changed normally until 80,000km. Once the stock coolant is changed, we need to change coolant more frequently. Nice and honest fellow.

the second instalment of the servicing will be on the engine oil and oil filter. Unless the cranking problem is solved, it's going back to Kah Motor for the servicing and warranty claim...

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