Sunday, January 25, 2009

newbie to motoring (40,000km servicing)

had the privilege of sending my car for servicing so soon, since the previous owner didn't do the 40,000km maintenance. It's a major servicing point, so i expected many parts to have worn out. Indeed it was, and more stuff had to be changed...

didn't send it in to my authorised distributor since they quoted $506 with only the basic replacements - engine oil, oil filter, transmission oil, brake fluid and fuel filter. The workshop recommended to me did these at $430. But due to additional wear and tear, the gentleman Nigel told me to postpone the change of fuel filter, and replaced the air filter, aircon filter, battery and spark plugs instead (!). The throttle body was also adjusted FOC. The total cost was $540, which is still cheaper. Kah Motor would have charged me much more.

Hoisting it up... drain the oils


Motul 300v engine oil

Voltronic brake fluid

Automatic transmission fluid and oil filter

Air filter

Aircon filter (yes, no filter previously installed)

Old battery

Spark plugs faulty...

Courtesy of my brother's camera


Homely Guy said...

Wow ... You got yourself a Honda Civic ... Woo hoo ... Nice drive

I also want to buy one leh .. Heehee ;)

zhiming said...

If wanna buy, call me leh! I wanna go Kah Motor showroom!