Tuesday, August 21, 2007

校花校草 comes to NUS!

actually the filming started early at Central Forum, but Steve and i were sitting inside a tutorial room slacking away... it's worse for me as my flu kept coming back.

steve was looking forward to see Fiona Xie while we were making our way out to Central, however i'm not a big fan of hers, so...

i got a pleasant surprise when i saw Dawn Yeoh!!! Omg... she's really pretty =x

Frankly... the contestants are not very representative of NUS' quality =x

Rehearsing for the actual camera take

Dawn Yeoh! =)

flu is killing me. I think something is wrong with my fitness level now... i was much better in the army with all the runs and workouts.


how come i sound so loud... like tammi? =x

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