Tuesday, August 21, 2007

ahm07, school

went to collect the AHM racepack on Sat, and oh it wasn't a racepack. It was a plastic pack.


The shirt. So so la.

That's the package - the thin piece of plastic underneath the stuff

reached sch 45 mins earlier than required, was quite a feat! =x spent the time at Science canteen eating my favourite noodles, then creating a Google Group for my project.

the next 2 hrs was on project discussion, and 3 of us went to Arts Deck for lunch. Expecting to see eye candies, but nil! Maybe it was due to the poor location we sat at... just beside the plate collection rack.

met Alvin Pang on the way back to COM1, and it's a coincidence all 3 of us knows him - Zhangwei, Waixin and myself. He has put on weight, and i certainly hope he is getting on fine.

later on the night i made some progress in the itinerary planning - the 6-7 day HK programme is 75% confirmed, the 25% remaining is on New Territories (Sha Tin and Sai Kung) and Southern HK Island (Ocean Park, Aberdeen, Stanley).

i still have 1 day of Macau and 1/2 day Shenzhen to plan too, but i shall do that after my exams.

and this sentence serves to remind myself - send email to Studiostudio to enquire on rates. Keep forgetting.... oh no.

was reading someone's blog when she mentioned about her past. Curious, i really turned back the pages. Like a mirror, the words reminded me the amount of damage i caused to her (another her). The resulting change that was happened next was beyond anybody's control. Like the father told me, she is headstrong that she'd listen to no one, maybe me. But since i lost her then, everything just spun off the control.

i'm finally getting courage to face the cold hard facts. I'm finally willing to move these memories to the back of my head, which is fairer to myself and herself. After all, she is attached for sometime. I'm still finding.... to no avail. ha...

the first visible change is friendster. What's next? Let time decide.

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