Saturday, November 3, 2007


long time never blog. Or is it?

racing to finish up my manpower module before the 11th. Is it possible? Not too sure, gotta try. Internally i feel if i give up some sleep and have better discipline, i can. Since i designed the entities, screen flow myself there's more leeway to do stuff (and anyhow do =x).

just before the final system release submission on the 16th, zw and i will have a test on the GEK1531 module - 50%! Cannot afford to lose out since the stakes are really high. The sample mcqs aren't easy either. zz.

after the final system release presentation on the 20th, there's another written test for CS2250 in that week. Argh... that's the study week man! And my birthday week!!! *slap forehead*

just came back from work, was helping a colleague from EI to setup CL 7, which was disused for some time. I remember having lab classes in it as a student back in 2000, before it was closed and used as a specialist lab and more recently, a tutorial room. So it's finally being setup as a regular computer lab once again after 7 years =)

as SIT(EI) finally merges with us, there will be more to expect in the months ahead - staffing, facilities and teaching content have to come together as well. For me, i'll just concentrate at my spot. But definitely render my help to anyone without any prejudice too. My intention is to get things functioning, not to "play" the stage.

just read the thread at HWZ for k850i, comments aren't kind and exceptionally critical of it. I think i'll hold on my purchase for an improved firmware, or better still k860i or such. I don't see myself going back to Windows Mobile based PDAs soon, because of phone stability and bugs. There are no credible brand names as well (i don't really like HTC/Dopod). Maybe i can consider the Symbian based SE P1i? lolz... the indecisive me.

recently, the forum's popular topics include

- Sunshine Empire - the director from Sunshine Empire is just a loudmouth imo. In another words, a tua kang. Now he has to mop up the mess created by his air. There are no free lunches in this world, remember? To put it legally, it's still considered an investment but a high risk one. Same goes for the swiss cash shit.

i don't mind if rich people go in and burn their money, after all the current economy is so good that they don't mind the risk. But i mind if they are targeting old folks with an intention to cheat. If any of them comes near my parents, i'll fling my toilet brush at them. I detest people who are educated yet don't work honestly, and yet attempt to turn black into white. f**k.

- Blk 852 Woodlands - the famous empty block. Apparently it was already ghostly before the SARS episode, because it was empty for 10+ years. There wasn't any SARS in 1997.

- Our Prime Minister discovered that MRT trains are crowded, when he peered at it from CTE. And also, our Minister Mentor claiming that he can reach any point in Singapore in 20 minutes. Is he referring to Singapore in the 1950s? Or probably he is using this -

Yeah, in 20 minutes...

- - is there a catch somewhere?

i want my CPR!!!! hahaha...

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