Sunday, November 25, 2007

studying mood

as every semester passes by, i cultivate better moods to study. Unfortunately this again doesn't favour me, because the education system looks at consistent results since the start. sigh...

went to nyp to study after a late lunch. Surprisingly the campus is quite alive on a saturday noon. The gates were wide open, for some MOU. There were groups of students, majority China peeps, gathering outside LTs at Blk N. Just outside my room, i saw 2 guys sitting on the brown bench studying.

the surprising thing - i think they are from NUS, computing! =x I don't really know them, so i just gave a bo chup look, scanned my card and went in. I'm always like this, dao by nature. Looks like many of us prefer to avoid NUS libraries, etc because of the crowd. In the first semester, i tried parking myself at Central library to study. The mere view of the crowd (i mean every table was fully occupied with laptops, books in tow) is soooooo demoralizing. Especially when i just started reading my text that time.

read an amount of reference text, then my mind started wondering...

This was my climax of the night -
went to blk S to get this, paired up with my Nissin!!

Saw that the A1 printer ran out of ink -
friendly TSO volunteered to change

Then i realised i opened $400 worth of inks. =x

just nicely at 1210am, i went off. What i saw at the train station really reinforces my impression that all kinds of things happen during the wee hours of train services:

- people drunk (this is normal)
- people sleeping on the seats (this is normal, too)
- people urinating on the seats, and the ammonia laced liquid flowing across the carriage (YUCKS)
- people quarreling for no reason (spectacle to watch)

just now, a mat couple was quarreling on the platform. Alot of shouting, physical movements (the guy trying to hug or manhandle the girl or something). Then they slowly bickered from the orange end of the platform towards the green end (middle).

i was reading my article at the middle facing the direction towards Woodlands, so didn't bother much. Soon, a train towards AMK approached behind me. Seconds later, i heard a door open.

it wasn't the normal door. It was the train driver's door, right in the middle section of the platform! I saw the guy trying to handle the girl again, this time just behind me. The mat driver signaled the guy to go over, then said some stuff in Malay. The guy initially went over but stopped halfway, replied coolly personal problems. The driver then murmured something, closed his door and pulled his train completely into the station.

wafts of burnt rubber drifted past me. Then i realised that the driver jammed his brakes. Maybe the girl wanted to commit suicide.

i'm amazed by the silent braking, and the actions of that couple. No wonder in the past deaths, some people can hear the cries and bones breaking. So it's true. Anyway what kind of problems must be solved by such an action? Not that i cannot empathise with them, but why such a reckless act?

everytime someone says he/she has matured (even myself), i think there's much more to experience. One will never be able to confirm their own maturity, much less judge whether another person is mature. We all learn and pick ourselves up along the way.

happy birthday to BMT buddy rul!

happy birthday to Wenqun! May the police force be with you, Miss Tan too!

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