Wednesday, November 28, 2007

exams over - phew

actually i can't be relieved until i receive the results on 26 Dec. I'll be at HK then, so making sure i visit some temple during Xmas to pray.

i somewhat studied for CS3265, however i thought the paper was on wed, and CS2250 on tue. Then on monday night, the moment of truth (and shock) that the papers are actually swapped. Panic and sudden onset of flu in the seminar room really affected my mood... sigh. CS2250 was just now, which was much better - familiarity with the same seminar room and preparation was close to my best ability.

went to simlim thereafter, and found several discoveries (or rather old news):

- AMD Phenom, the quad-core processor from AMD is out. It's 2.2GHz x 4 processing cores in a die, retailing for $550 with a MSI K9AGM3-FIH motherboard. It's a pity that the performance is poorer than Intel's Core 2 Quad (C2Q) series, however still a serious contender.

Logo for AMD Phenom

- DDR2-667 desktop and notebook RAMs selling for <$35 for 1GB. 2GB stick for $80. All notebook peeps should take advantage and upgrade to at least 2GB! If you're unsure whether your RAM is DDR or DDR2, use CPUId to check.

- A slew of new Microsoft notebook mice - Notebook Laser 7000, Mobile Memory Mouse 8000 (1GB thumbdrive) and Notebook 5000 (Bluetooth). I like 8000 for its ball shape (gee, looks like something) and 5000 for the design.

i think i saw Kim this morning. Was quite groggy and saw a really familiar girl on the mrt platform. But no, i pretended i saw nothing. Just feel so awkward to call her 8 years after the breakup.

finally, a pity for this holidays; i'm bombarded with night shifts. Horrible. While i wouldn't mind a reasonable dose, but 5 full days of seeing darkness in campus is just... overwhelming? Still i have a project in mind - Project Up Early. Can i do it? hmm...

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