Friday, November 30, 2007

dailies and some thoughts

the nightmare of night shifts started right after my exams. The last 2 days of the week consist of helpdesk and night shift combos, which is very tiring. Really. Especially today, i broke the combo into 2 sessions so that i can go Sitex in between. I slept anywhere i could; on the bus and train back home.

lunch was with drew and girls. After the meal i took 72 to Tampines, then transferred to Expo via Tanah Merah. It's somewhat fast; 1 hour of journey from YCK.

the show itself is pretty disappointing. It's more like a LCD TV show since half of hall 5 are Harvey Norman, Audio House, etc. Furthermore 2 speakers were staging bidding wars through their loudspeakers, to gain the consumers' dollar for 32, 37, 42 etc LCD tvs. Compared to buying this, i'd rather bring my parents for a holiday overseas. Yup, indeed my parents tentatively agreed to Hong Kong after CNY next year. If everything goes according to plan, i'll book the tickets for 23-27 Feb 2008. It will be the 3rd HK trip in a year!

back to the show; nothing interested me. I thought iPod touch looks good, however it didn't have any organizing functions. $498 for the 8GB version is rather expensive and useless to me, since i don't watch videos on the move. Next, the Microsoft mouse were selling at the same price compared to Simlim. Why do a promotion at Sitex, when the prices are identical, if not slightly higher? And next, Orange Telecom were pushing SE phones at the show. Once again, the prices are higher than Mobilesquare. I concede not many would know/trust MS, but the prices are simply marked up. Picked up some leaflets and went back for my night shift.

Case for touch. hmm..

funerals and partings
was looking at CNA and STI video reports of the 5 men. The event has ironically captured some people's attention (like me and a few), yet many others seem to treat it as something insignificant.

before saying some harsh words, i'd say sorry, but i don't understand why some human beings can treat it as though nothing happened. It would be very selfish to say "oh this didn't happen to me, why should i care?". It's not about a national loss of sportsmen, but in reality sudden loss of a son, colleague, army mate, friend, etc. Put yourself in their shoes, what if you're the parent, colleague, army mate or friend of the 5? Shrug it off? If yes, then the infamous line applies: what comes around goes around.

other thoughts
i'm again disappointed with someone. Although i'm concerned about the situation, there's no feedback about it. Maybe aloofness is the word. What i heard after the meal just sunk the disappointment further.

she has been trying hard, perhaps to overrun stronger mates. But that's not the crux nor the critical factor to winning. What's the point of winning? One can help, the other can advise, someone else can help put words across. But when the attitude and mindset isn't correct, things will never change for the better. The onus is on herself to make the change in time management and be assertive & expressive in her working style. If the aim is to move to any of the local universities later, the change must happen. It's never about winning academically, but it's about how to cope with personal stress and manage friendly relations. A loner, want-to-do-all or stubborn mindset will never truly succeed. The GPA is just a number. [edit] Having said all these, i still don't mind sharing her troubles... *foolish me*.

my words are frank and honest. Anyway, she may not read my blog. So i end up talking to air still.

exhausted and wanted to blog about some interesting news, but i lost that feeling to continue. Time to sleep...

Gary got these from Japan. Nice!


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