Tuesday, December 4, 2007

weekend happenings

actually... not so happening la.

Ivana surprised me with a gift =) Thank you...

saturday was busy at work, with a long work report. Full maintenance done in one lab, then i decided to do a major cleanup to 2 project rooms. Now its spick and span, hope the comps won't get vandalised again. Otherwise they will be out of the rooms... sigh. Then i met up with HK, went over to SSDC.

finally i booked my BTT! After procrastinating for months! But the test is in Feb, and me being the blur sotong went to chop 25 Feb 2008 -.-". Which was right in my travel period. Sigh... looks like march will be the actual test month. We also saw Jaslin, one of the famous models nowadays, doing some promo for a Bikers mag. She looks really good, better than photos. Just google it and you know my meaning.

then we met up with XJ and Simon to book our kayak course, on the 15-16 Dec. Just before we leave for Hong Kong. We crapped a bit, like the ba mia HK has. Then his bad encounter with his colleague, an ex-NYPian from DMD. HK, really must think more like a gentleman lor... haha.

a girl called Mun Ting registered our names and we also signed up as PAssion members, all for $85. We remembered her name, cos she looked lian-ish and had quite a sense of humour. Like...

- XJ: Can i pay by credit card?
- MT: No, we only accept Nets. Or you can pay by gold bars if you have.
- We: -.-?

HK, XJ and Simon


i'm really looking forward to turn darker soon!!! =x

next we went over to the hawker opposite Golden Mile, had the famous prawn mee. Wasn't that nice lei, still alright only. As usual when guys get together, the topic is always on girls =x the girl wearing black tube opposite us, the "big chest" girl of Simon's friend. lolz... after the brunch off we went to Expo. Got the 1GB RAM for Jiahao, was tempted to get a pda too. Luckily i transferred my cash to Stanchart, and my Clear card's balance was below $200. Even if i wanted to buy, no ready cash too.


finally topped off the day at Thaiexpress. I FINALLY got to taste my tomyam steamboat after... months of waiting. And renewed my membership at $15! It's one of the restaurants i love and will keep loving, besides Waraku. Slept like a pig on 960... really.

sunday was at meinu's place. I skipped the 10km run, cos i already promised her to fix the lappy. And i slept too late too, 3am. Didn't want to wake up at 5am then turn up there just for the run. Although i paid $45 plus the hassle of returning the ChampionChip since i didn't turn up for the race. Argh...

had a nice day at her place lah, shan't go into details. She's really a happy host. lol... although my head was real painful despite the medicine. After dinner, took 131 to novena. Then i felt so tired and groggy, decided to alight at Bencoolen instead. Then took 857 back to Yishun, transferred to MRT to Woodlands. Really loooooong.

today was spent resting the day at home. However the damn drilling started from 9am to 5pm, to hack the flooring for my new lift landing outside my house!!! Damn, and they only did the upper floor and its so noisy! Can't bear the noise for tomorrow, when they actually hack my floor. *faint*

but today is so fulfilling - did many stuff

- tidy the shelf below my computer table (full of dirt and soot... yucks)
- fixed moses' 2 beloved computers
- vacuumed my room, my bed, every nook and corner
- cleaned 2 desk fans
- scrubbed my toilet wall and flooring
- bought knee guards for mum, drinks for fridge
- borrowed Ajax and .net 2.0 books
- kopi with usual friends

Capacitors gave way, the Compaq comp died. Really.

See the bloated pair of cylinders... sigh

going to work on my fish tank, and YX's watercooling project tomorrow. Hope i can finish them.

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