Wednesday, November 21, 2007

presentation's over!

to wake up on time i forced myself to sleep at the sofa from 4-6am. If i went to my bed, rest assured i'll be running out from my house and to the roadside (for a taxi). My peer reviews will definitely get 1 (out of 5 or 10) for punctuality. =x

the method really works, or maybe i was really anxious about it. Was rehearsing in one of my labs, running the full powerpoint and my laptop doing the system demo. My audience? The air and chairs in front of me. I thought i went over the script for 5 times, until i was quite confident. No choice, i was the one starting the demo and have to make an impact.

so i reached school early, even enough for a meal. Got tea and mineral water, then went up to the exec classroom. Waixin was already there, and while changing into formalwear steve called me. He thought i was still on bed. =p

the presentation was alright, except TY and WK uncovered some bugs, especially for my module. Also, my hard work on the navigation menu was kinda wasted, since there was a bug. However the functionality is there, just needed to polish it up. Midway at zw's part, the laptop hung ...! Really bad because everything just froze. Eventually they were quite accomodating and we continued after restarting. Kelvin was the entertainer during the "commercial break" as usual.. lolz.

then the demo ended. Had quite a good laugh with CH outside, however we heard that the next presenting group encountered deployment problems and had to stay overnight. The feeling really suck, especially it's already after submission and into study week. Good luck to them...

Always kenna bully..

CH and our group - notice my chubby face =x

in case you're wondering who is CH, his academic profile is here. Actually, we're quite amazed he's already pursuing (and getting) his Doctorate soon. Really... o.O.

tomorrow is my birthday. It will probably just pass by this year without much fanfare. "meinu" promised to mms a picture over later. See whether she keeps her promise while holidaying in Hat Yai. hiakhiak...

blogger is playing tricks on the formatting with me. Argh.... blog the rest later.

22 nov 08 - CH is now with City University of HK, his profile is found at the institution's site.

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