Wednesday, November 21, 2007

more photos

alright, some problems with blogger just now. Lost the HTML composer, so doing a post was nightmarish.

now more photos:

Me presenting my part

Waixin here

Our home page

i've uploaded the application to my web server, however the login is restricted. Interested peeps can ask me for an account.

now let's talk about phones! I'm happy with my Samsung U600, however looking for even better players:

G600 - Nearly identical to U600, except the normal buttons and 5mp cam

SE P1i - i thought left and right and still thinking about this
The main problem is bulk.

The new iPhone

HK told me about his lobang, and i placed an iPhone order through him. If the price is true, then it's really a steal.

what's happening in the next few days is (probably) study, study and study. I'm at the bottom of the cohort for CS3265's CA, which is >50% of the grade. It's undeniable the grade stinks because the attention and efforts were on CS3214. Still if time management is good, i'd cope with both. But i'm working as well - sacrifices well well well.

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