Wednesday, November 7, 2007

校花校草 II

2 months ago i blogged about Hey! Gorgeous coming to NUS.

it's so fast, time flies! The 1st semi-finals was aired on Monday.

although i was working night shift, i have to thank peeps from HWZ for spreading the good stuff.

Miss NUS (Rachel), Miss NP (Angelia), Miss TP (Beatrice),
Miss SP (Cherie), Miss SIM (Peiling) and Miss NYP (Wen Tao)

of course the votes were evenly split after talking to zw. lolz... i'll always prefer girls of my type.

too bad Cherie stands a lower chance as she lost out in Round 2 and 3. Round 3 wasn't her fault, but the team leader (Mr NP, Jerald) kind of got too complacent and forgot about his mates. Her marks suffered a bigger dent. Sigh =(

luckily Angelia has topped this round, she's my favourite =x Both of them are unlikely to win, because Peggy and Beatrice has really got the charisma to wow the public. Peggy's confidence is really thumbs up.

for the grasses i'll put my vote for this round on Lloyd. I'd guess army men are really faring better, especially where teamwork is concerned.

was closing the LT, this was my usual seat for 3 good years

dinner just now at Arts Deck - Si Chuan stall

we didn't plan to have dinner at the Sichuan stall, in fact we were decided on BK and then the economy rice stall since budget was more important. Then we saw so many people having mini steamboats. And the ingredients are really generous, everything for $5.00 only! Better than Beach Road in terms of utility value.

Yum. $5/set.

Of course we ate like hungry ghosts =x

CPU Upgrade for my brother's rig

the CPU is undergoing stress test @ 2.34GHz, a 600MHz overclock from the stock speed of 1.73GHz. Not bad if you ask me.

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