Wednesday, February 20, 2008

dining at waraku

it was a long time i met up with them for a (no-stress) meal. The last time was in Sept 2007, before sh!t started. Maybe there's some small gatherings in between, can't really remember. This time, we went holland again - wanted to find out the route to Waraku East Coast, but my mind slipped under a heavy load of to-dos. My poor advice saw the car going all the way to Fort Road, then turning back to Carpark C. =x

the ambience is excellent this time - no bustling marketplace of the typical Waraku dining scene. I managed to book a private room, with a view of Long Beach's entrance. Had to remove our footwear before entering too.

had a short chat after dinner, the car driver voiced out the concerns of NS. Every man gotta go through it, so bite the bullet with bravery. It's really where boys come out to be men, minus a few screwed up cases. After you come out, we can start discussing about what men really do - work and girls!! =x

limited photos with me, so the rest of the photos will be posted by the rest.

They called lots of curry, i stuck to my favourite paper steamboat

Dining in comfort - large table with own air conditioning control

my HTC touch's camera is really notches away from U600. Should i bring my U600 out again??

i'm few days away from flying off, but much work has been piled up. Scary. No, i must do something about it.

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