Friday, February 22, 2008

crane toppled at NUS

the year of 2008 is kinda wretched.

had my math tutorial at S16, then took the long winding A1 to Biz for my MNO1001 tutorial. It was a normal bus ride, until the bus turned into Law Link (around 2.10 PM).

as i sat with Steve and looking towards the Biz bus stop, i saw a large white crane falling down, with the highest end falling towards Biz1. I thought, maybe someone was lowering the crane. But the speed at which it came down was too fast.

since i was in the bus, i couldn't hear anything. But i can see people at the bus stop staring at the mess less than 8 metres behind them. And the force of the fall split a tree, and parts of that tree went down on the motorcycles in front of the bus stop.

if you see the scene, those people at the bus stop are very lucky. And fortunately, nobody appeared to be standing at the linkway to the bus stop, which bored much of the impact. The linkway is almost gone.

I waited for my friend last week at the same linkway. PHEW..

See the mess in front of the bus stop too.

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