Monday, September 10, 2007

blog is back to normal - major updates

let's close the chapter on studies (for the next 30 mins of typing this entry) and recap what happened this week.

WG informed me about an business practice for his insurance company, that made me disgusted. In a summary, we assume there are 2 agents in that same company serving you, A1 and A2. You purchased policies P1 from A1, and P2 from A2 (both commencement dates less than a year apart). Then you felt that the A1 was not attractive after all, so you killed it. The company will actually penalise A2 for that, although it was supposedly none of his business. This meant that the commissions for P2 are taken away, to some effect.

i'm definitely having 2nd thoughts on buying products from this insurance company, since it stifles the freedom to switch (now i know why agents can spend a whole day persuading a customer to take up or to retain a policy).

Lunch out
the second part of saturday was spent with some poly peeps. They are now so free, and i'm just the opposite. But had a nice time out with them. Vicky seemed to be putting on weight =x

Andrew had this sinful mudpie

i settled for my favourite instead, plus choc fruity fondue



before i forget, Vicky i need your mobtv's id. *grin*

Jac's iriver is just back. Compugate is no longer doing distributorship for iriver products, quite a waste actually. However if iriver's support really sucked, i have nothing to say too. Already got quite worked up while over the phone with them.

Nice makan after project
then i went back campus to touch up the CS3214 system proposal and slides, and was again at the lab in less than 12 hours. sigh....

Holland V XO Fish Head Bee Hoon - tok kong!!!

steve recommended our pack to this stall at Buona Vista, near the 4D betting outlet. What's so nice about this fish head bee hoon? The XO is really gao-gao. The fish is also very generously cut for us, all in all for just $20 (shared by 4).

do try it if you drive or pass by Buona Vista. It's worth the trip.

New monitor for bro
i spotted a fantastic offer from spinergy in VR-Zone. After some bargaining, i took over his 20inch LCD for $250. It's worthwhile because the panel used in this Viewsonic model is MVA/PVA. The colours are better.

did some cleaning up and reorganised his table. Just in time when he comes back for his week long break on Tue.

Finally i can get rid of all my CRT monitors...anybody want?

there's no heading for this, because i don't want to discuss in great length. During the weekend, we were finally able to get beyond our invisible barriers, and started talking for the first time in more than a year. Although it was naturally not as personal as before, i was happy because i thought such a situation will never happen. Last month, i translated my heavy thoughts by posting up 品冠's songs.

if there's any wish that i hope, i hope we can maintain contact. And both of us will find our happiness, whether or not our paths will meet again. I learnt many lessons and will never make sacrifices i would live to regret, again.

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