Monday, February 18, 2008

weekend happenings

had a short time in sch on friday, because i went for curry fish head after lecture and tutorials. Steve had his brother's car in campus, so we took bus B to Kent Vale to get the car. Was my first time taking bus B past the Engineering faculty. After 1.5 years of being a student.

we had the curry fish head at whampoa market. Thought the stall was opened by Steve's relative (he's a Sim), but unfortunately not. We got sambal kang kong, additional duck and roasted meat from another stall to complete the whole package. Not bad. We each paid $11.50 after factoring in the sugar cane drinks.

Steve recommended his clan - Uncle SIM

I think i'm WOLS. But...

saturday was really busy to the max. Morning was my exciting kayaking session. Too bad HK was doing in-camp range, but we still enjoyed the 2 hours of sunbathing. Our forward paddling is improving as we practise; especially towards the end we paddled so mechanically, like well oiled machines. This session, i brought a camera out to take ourselves in action. Quite a hassle because i have to bring a belt pouch, then put my U600 into a ziplock bag to keep out the water. The belt pouch was completely wet after 2 hours, luckily there was the ziplock bag.

a girl from a dragon boat saw the camera, and told her friend to look. lolz... so funny meh..

Preparing to set sail in our bandits

This is PA Water Venture Kallang

Tanjong Rhu in front of us, Indoor Stadium on the left and Sheares Bridge on our right


Sailing to Sheares Bridge first

mn, remember this place from the movie. haha..

Current below the bridge is normally strong...

The other side of Kallang Basin - Indoor Stadium/Cosy Bay

after the kayak i rushed down to class. Didn't had full attendance for class, and i spent $11 on cab for a 1 hour tutorial. Not quite worth, but anyway the tutorial was light-hearted. Dozed off on the bus home, because i was really dead tired.

the night was spent with my sec school friends. Had fun playing the "fishing" card game. Teacher was very helpful especially when i know nuts about gambling! Then wenqun, his teacher and me went geylang. Not hanky panky ok, went there for some snacks. Had the mee sua. Good man.

I think i cannot show this photo because of teacher in the background.
But never mind la, hor?

Geylang treats. Yum yum...

sunday was started late because of the late supper. Spent 1-2 hours sorting out my finances, which was in a mess. My savings dropped alot because i didn't track my spending timely enough. Have to put back the spending asap....! Then went to do my banking at the various banks, went to Suntec's money changer. Sneaked over to mn's place to slack. What a lazy day...

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