Thursday, February 14, 2008


some random post. The past 2-3 days were spent on school work. I think there's still so much more to complete though.

went back school yesterday to complete my CS3261 and CS2301 assignments. There was a CNY dinner buffet for SoC students, but the amount of food was more for a group of 15-20. But gotta admit it, my team mate QJ and i got there late =p

since i had only $0.20 with me, and DBS atm nowhere to be found nearby, i went out to eat. Eventually decided to have my fantastic noodles at Lau Pa Sat. I still like the thinly wined soup. But for some time it's (still) quite a challenge to have a meal in Tanjong Pagar, because of past memories. Somehow these memories will always linger around. Have to live with it.

had a friendly chat with an Indian worker on 960. He mentioned about the bus captain driving the bendy bus - a small sized lady with a pleasant smile. And when she sat inside the driver's cabin, i couldn't see her head from the back! When she initially started on the route, many people at the bus stands were turning heads to take a proper look. Quite a wonder.

My U600 is in cold storage... but i still like it.

zw just told me that xinyan just passed away. She came across to me as an excellent junior and acquaintance during poly days. It's rather sad to see someone young passing. Hope her loved ones can be strong.

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