Tuesday, February 12, 2008

wo huo ding le!!!

this year's chinese new year was kinda boring, in summary.

for the 1st day, i overslept at home and got groggy.

for the 2nd day, my family went back to Johor, to visit relatives. I didn't, but i couldn't sleep after they left. So went to the airport and did some work at mac. Evening was at the theatre watching CJ7.

for the 3rd day, i went to bai nian (earlier post), and thereafter back home to sleep. Mn la, go see flowers also don't want. =p

for the 4th day, woke up late. Did a lil' math at woodlands mac, then had family dinner. My eldest aunt from Kluang came, so didn't go out after that. But managed to meet my kopi-mates and had a joke with the favourite kopi-soh.

boring hor? Worse of all, although i did bits of work, the work continues to pile. And pile. I'm worried for my HK trip in 11 days, because i might end up bringing my books along. NOOOOO!

Got my bro to fix the bugger before leaving Singapore last Fri

Back to school (not my school actually)

Steve wanted to enquire about a course, but the counter was unmanned.
Was rather disappointed.

my bro is leaving next week for some jungle-luvin' time at Brunei. I've not seen the place before, but heard the place is extremely boring. Well, just get it done with and come back.

meanwhile, good luck to poly peeps for the exam papers! To that someone, better study ok. Othewise NI HUO DING LE!!

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